Mom’s Top 10 Travel Tips

1. Always stop when your child says, “I have to go.”

2. Drive when the kids are sleeping, either in the early morning or late at night.

3. Lay out your trip in advance and plan frequent stops along the way.

4. Pack the car the night before your trip

5. Pack an easily accessible bag with a change of clothes for everyone

6. Pack one bag of your luggage set with bathing suits, sunscreen, and other pool toys so that you can get to the pool without unpacking everything.

7. Don’t try to wait; “We’ll just stop at the next exit”, it’s always a mistake.

8. Have a couple surprises for the kids – games, food, treats – when they get bored.

9. When you stop – make sure there is room for the kids to run around; try a park; bring a football, ball, or Frisbee to throw around.

10. Call Survive the Drive to get all the latest gear to Make Getting There Half the Fun!

Dad’s Top 10 Travel Tips

1. If lost, don’t ask for directions – just wing it.

2. Drive for at least five hours without stopping for a break.

3. Argue with your two year old daughter about why her favorite doll doesn’t need her own seat.

4. When asked, “Are We There Yet?” for the 12th time, scream, “We’re not even off our block.”

5. Leave the kids at home.

6. When your son says, “I really need to go to the bathroom now!”, tell him “I’m sure you can make it to the next rest stop.”

7. When your wife says, “I’m ready to stop for the night”, tell her, “I’m OK to drive straight through the night.”

8. Don’t ask the kids what they want to see next on the trip.

9. Play (and sing aloud) your favorite country tunes for the whole ride.

10. Yell! A Lot.

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