Top Ten Reasons for Packing Light

Intelligence – You could save your marriage.

Good Health – Your back won’t require attention from the native medic who happens to be the local shaman as well.

Good Manners – You will enter and exit trains without taking out fellow tourists with your thirty-inch long suitcase, packed with sixty-pounds, and topped with a heaping duffel bag stuffed with forty pounds of ceramic Don Quixotes for your entire family tree back in the states.  You get the picture…

Efficiency – You can make use of your a-typical European compact rental car’s minimal trunk space.

Cost Effective – You will laugh in the face of the porter who expects an ample tip from another typically rich American while you handle your bags yourself.

Practicality – If you have ever been to a two-hundred year-old bed and breakfast in Europe, you know elevators and porters are rarely available.  Carrying luggage up three flights of stairs is not our idea of a vacation.

Pride – You will shock and amaze your friends and family when they pick you up at the airport and ask; “Where is the rest of your luggage?”

Adventure – The difference in your mobility is exponentially better if you pack light.  Now you dare to venture several miles away from the train station to the inn on the Riviera rather than stay at the hotel stuck in the busy alley thoroughfare.

Security – Your sense of security is greatly enhanced when you don’t have your hands and thoughts occupied with burdensome baggage.

Independence – You will have an incredible sense of freedom.

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