Things to Do In Atlanta GA with Family – What to Do Today?

Things to Do In Atlanta GA with Family

There are many considerations to take into account when planning an Atlanta family vacation this weekend. As the epicenter of many global corporations, such as Coca Cola and CNN, Atlanta is a city that booms with energy and excitement.

This contagious vigor attracts families from all over the nation in search for full adventure and phenomenal sites. However, because Atlanta is such a large city, a family trip needs to be planned carefully, to avoid getting lost in the large metropolis fast paced day to day hustle and bustle.

What to do on a vacation to Atlanta with family? It is important that you as a family, enjoy the fast paced atmosphere, but also remember to slow down for a breather and truly take in the fantastic surroundings and activity. Do this by making sure to visit the cultural landmarks as well as the modern sights.

Atlanta is rooted historically, with both the Civil War and the American Civil Rights Movement. An Atlanta vacation is the perfect opportunity to sneak in cultural and social lessons to your children.

However, the great thing about a trip to Atlanta is that there is always room for a little fun. Fun should always hold the number one priority in the itinerary. Luckily, in a town like Atlanta, that is never a problem! The following things to do in Atlanta today with kids will keep you on your toes, entertained and absolutely amazed.

Historical Atlanta

Atlanta holds a substantial role in all aspects of the United States growth. From its start as an Indian village named Standing Peachtree to the 1996 summer Olympics, Atlanta has always been an important part of the evolution of the United States.

While on vacation to Atlanta, it is fun and educational to trace the roots of Atlanta in a hands-on manner. Due to the fact Atlanta is such a large city, the whole vacation can be taken up solely visiting historical sites. However, a family holiday is often about spending your time wisely, to get a taste of a little bit of everything.

You only have time for a few historical sites, the one place your family must see is the Martin Luther King, Jr, Historic Site. This historic site represents an integral part of the American experience the civil rights movement and will be poignant to all members of the family.

Visit the birth home of Dr. King through a ranger led tour. These tours fill up fast, and you must register in person, so make sure to do this early on so as not to miss it. Make sure you see the gravesite of Dr. King as well. Close to the birth home is the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. King first became a pastor and where his 1960 funeral was held.

Family Attractions in Atlanta, GA

FUN! An Atlanta vacation is fun with a capital F. Your family will love Atlanta for its sense of fun and adventure. Nowhere else is this playful side shown like at the many Atlanta attractions, all of which are guaranteed to entertain the whole family.

The World of Coca Cola is a great place to visit on your vacation. Watch as a bottling line produces an 8 oz bottle of soda especially for you and every member of your family.

Next, you will be treated to a 4-D movie experience before sampling over 60 beverages from all over the world. All of this is done with the quality and consistency you expect from major corporations such as Coca-Cola.

If you are up for a spinning upside down and having your heart jump in your throat, then head to Six Flags over Georgia in Atlanta, where the teenagers can scream on 70 mph roller coasters and the little ones can enjoy specialty themed toddler areas.

Your vacation is also a wonderful time to view the largest aquarium in the world, the Georgia Aquarium. See tens of thousands of different animals in more than 8 million gallons of water.

For a more outdoorsy family experience, visit Stone Mountain Park, that has the largest ropes adventure course in the world and much more. Stone Mountain Park will tire out even the most energetic members of the family!

Atlanta Culture and Arts

Cultural and artistic activities can be difficult to do on a family vacation. Ballet and Theatre are often hard for the littlest members of the family. However, culture never needs to be ignored. Many Atlanta cultural activities have been adapted to entertain all family members.

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, located in Centennial Olympic Park, is a favorite for both parents and children. Children can build a sandcastle or draw on the walls and learn about their world.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a place for the whole family to visit as well. Adults will love the 10,000 square foot orchid center, and the kids will take great delight just being outside! See an urban forest and the Atlanta Children’s Garden while you are there.

Another great cultural destination for your family is the Center for Puppetry Arts, which is the largest organization dedicated to puppetry in the world and has special shows for both adults and children.

Older members of the family should not miss a visit to the High Museum of Art, the leading art museum in the southeast. Everything from European artists to modern African American artists is spotlighted in this world-renowned museum.

Family Style Dining Atlanta

Whether your family enjoys sushi, barbeque, or a little bit of both, Atlanta has plenty of delicious choices for your family. You should definitely taste the true southern cuisine, which Atlanta features in abundance.

A favorite among locals and family travelers is Pitty Pats Porch, which has traditional southern cuisine served on big, southern-style wrap around porches. Take a quick rest on the traditional wooden rocking chairs, sip some sweet tea, and your family will feel just about perfect!

For quick, cheap eats (a must on every family vacation!) then try and dodge the college crowd at The Beautiful Restaurant, whose fried chicken and traditional food are served in a no-frills cafeteria style. This is a great place to grab a picnic before heading back out into Atlanta for more fun!

Atlanta is such a large city, with so much cultural diversity that you can’t possibly squeeze in everything on your family to do list. Instead of letting this get you down, choose instead to head back down south on another holiday!

A retreat to Atlanta will surely make you want to return again and again. That is a guarantee with the above fun things to do in Atlanta, GA with toddlers. So stay tuned!

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