What’s in a name?

We buy brand names not just because it feels great having an association with a big brand name but mostly because that brand proves to offer exceptional functionality. If you travel often, there is a high likelihood you’ve come across the Lucas brand of hardside luggage.

You may argue that the Lucas cases look like most other luggage brands but, a closer look shows some differences regarding the structure and the construction materials. Most Lucas hardside cases are super lightweight but still have the capacity to carry heavy loads without exceeding the weight limits. You will also like the fact that Lucas luggage is carry-on or checked luggage. The stealth construction of the luggage makes the cases able to withstand frequent travel and rigorous airport conditions.

The five best Lucas Luggage review types include:

Lucas Luggage Reviews:

Luggage NameDimensionsWeightSizePrice
1. Lucas ABS Large Exp Hard Case Spinner30.1″ x 19.6″ x 11.2″ (Wheels Included)9.6 lbsChecked “Large”Check Price
2. Lucas Outlander Carry On Exp Hard Case Spinner21.8″ x 13.5″ x 9″ (Wheels Included)6.5 lbsDomestic Carry OnCheck Price
3. Lucas Troy Exp Hardside Spinner24″ x 16″ x 10″8 lbsChecked “Medium”Check Price
4. Lucas Wheeled Under the Seat Bag15.7″ x 15.7″ x 9.8″6 lbsUnder the Seat Carry OnCheck Price
5. Lucas Vortex Ultra Lightweight Softside Spinner24″ x 16″ x 8″5.6 lbsChecked “Medium”Check Price

1. Lucas Luggage ABS Large Hard Case 28 Inch Spinner Review:

A hardside bag lets you pack exactly what you need to travel with, and it comes in different colors which make it the ideal bag for every traveler. This Lucas ABS Large Hard Case 28-Inch bag is classy while it remains highly functional and perfect for all your international and local business trips. Some of the features which stand out in this bag include:

Lightweight but reliable – even though this bag is a lightweight hardside bag, it is strong, and you can expect it to last a long time. The strength of this lightweight bag comes from its design using scratch resistant and textured ABS hardside shell. Being scratch resistant, the bag will withstand the rough conditions in and out of airports.

The bag offers a high mobility thanks to the spinner wheels with a 360 degrees enhanced wheeling system which makes for easy gliding of the bag. The wheels roll in all directions meaning that you don’t feel the weight of your luggage on your arms or shoulders.

Alongside the wheels which offer superior maneuverability and little weight on your shoulders, the bag is also easy to travel with thanks to the strong and ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum handles. The handles also offer a significant level of shock absorption while the side carry handles make it easy for you to haul the bag into the trunk.

Since the bag is strong, you can pack all your travel essentials. Like most hardside cases, the bag is spacious, and it offers two storage compartments on either side of the luggage. The interior features fully-lined interiors that have organizational pockets. Therefore, all your essentials will remain safe and well-organized.

In case you doubt the durability of this bag concerning its construction using ABS, you shouldn’t. This Lucas bag is reliable, and it comes with a five-year warranty.

Apart from this purple bag, there are different colors you can pick from.

It is strong and reliable
The handle is strong, lightweight and shock absorbent
It is spacious and ideal for use when going out for long trips
It comes in an attractive design and colors
It is expandable

It doesn’t fit overhead bins hence it isn’t carry-on luggage
The zipper isn’t the best

2. Lucas Outlander Luggage Carry On Hard Case 20 Inch Spinner Review:

When looking for a carry-on, you have to be specific in terms of the size because a bag is only deemed a carry-on if it meets the airplane’s conditions of weight and height and it fits the overhead bin.

Since most carry-on luggage is softside luggage, we hardly consider hardside luggage for carry-ons. If you have been looking for a hardside carry-on luggage, you may want to get this Lucas Outlander Carry On Hard Case 20 Inch.

This Lucas Luggage will make maneuvering in and out of airports easy thanks to the four-directional spinner wheels that rotate in a 360-degree angle; upright and in multiple directions. The wheels’ mobility takes off the pressure from your arms and shoulders.

Besides the wheels which enhance the case’s mobility, there is an ergonomic handle which offers a comfortable grip while giving you maximum control over your suitcase. The handle and the wheels make this the perfect bag to move around busy airports with.

Though a hardside suitcase, this Lucas Outlander Carry On Hard Case 20 Inch is lightweight and even when fully packed, it will still meet airline weight requirements saving you the extra airline fees from exceeding the weight limits. It meets most airline carry-on luggage regulations.

For the safety of your belongings, this case has a textured scratch resistant ABS hardside shell. The shell is reliable, and it will take you to numerous other trips across the globe. For extra protection of the bag and your travel essentials, this Lucas bag features special reinforcement at the corners which enhance the bag’s strength as well.

The case is spacious, and it will comfortably hold most of your travel essentials. As a 50-50 hardside luggage, you get to pack your essentials on either half, and they will remain in place with the help of straps. In case you are tight in terms of space, you will like the fact that this bag is expandable and the expandability doesn’t affect the integrity of the bag as a carry-on.

It comes in four different colors, and it is suitable for males and females.

The bag is lightweight
The handle’s height is expandable
It is scratch resistant, sturdy and lasts a long time
It has a relatively large storage capacity
It fits most overhead bins, and it is TSA-approved

It can’t hold items for more than a couple of days
The wheels don’t move easily on sidewalks and cobblestones

3. Lucas Luggage Troy Hard Case Midsize 24 Inch Spinner Review:

This Lucas hardside luggage is exactly what you need if you are making plans to travel for about a week. The bag is spacious, and it will hold everything you need for your trip. The large storage capacity of the bag isn’t all that makes this the go-to bag.

This bag is also durable, and it will take you on long trips without breaking apart thanks to the ABS and Polycarbonate construction of the shell. The combination of these two materials is the main reason for the strength and the reliability of this Lucas case. You should also note that the luggage’s extra-wide body, as well as the reinforced handle poles, make the luggage case, not just strong but stable too.

How easy is it to move the case? The luggage glides with ease because of the 360 degrees eight gliding wheel system. The wheels provide a high level of maneuverability making it ideal for movement in busy and even crowded airports.

The other reason why you may consider this bag is that it has TSA-approved locks meaning that you won’t have to struggle with the airline officials. Besides the locks, this is a lightweight hardside case which helps you avoid extra airline fees.

What else does the bag offer? Space – as mentioned above, this Lucas hardside luggage offers space for your travel essentials lasting you a few days. This is possible because of the two fully-lined compartments. The compartments have pockets as well as compartments which simplify packing and also make your luggage organized and neat.

The case’s handle offers an ergonomic and a comfortable grip which enhances mobility together with the spinner wheels. You will also like the fact that this case is expandable and it will hold extra souvenirs.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a carry-on bag, and it doesn’t fit overhead bins.

It is expandable
It is ultra-lightweight
The handle offers a comfortable grip; it is ergonomic and telescopic
It has TSA-approved locks, and it meets international airline standards
The wheels are highly maneuverable

None yet

4. Lucas Wheeled Under the Seat Cabin Bag Exclusive Review:

When you are carrying a bag with you on the cabin, do you know what’s most important? The most important part is to make sure that the bag is not overweight so that your journey becomes horrible. You definitely do not want to go on a trip where a heavyweight bag will ruin your experience.

Well, though this is not the sole benefit of using Lucas Wheeled Under the Seat Cabin Bag. However, that’s a key element we wanted to talk about. The product has interesting features to generate your interest. So, let’s talk a bit more about the features that are there to offer.

Firstly, if you are obsessed with colors, then you should know that there are three different color options available for you to pick from. Black, red or blue – you can choose your style. The body of this bag is made of a mix of fabric and polyester which gives you a comfortable look and durable feel.

Another important thing to understand is that this bag will always fit under most airplanes seats as it is built that way. So it is not a marketing talk which you might think.

Again, what is the second-most important thing after the weight when you are buying a cabin bag? It is the compartments. So, you will get a few nice compartments in this bag all have zippered locks which are pretty common. There is a telescoping handle which will help you to drag the bag around on plain surfaces. The button which contributes to release the single hand mobility is interesting and durable which is awesome because this is one of the first areas of a bag that goes down.

The bag is more on the wider side than being tall. That is the ideal cabin bag structure which we think you already know about. The price is very reasonable, and the durability definitely adds value to this bag. Overall, it looks decent and classy. There are no big logos on the frontal or side area which you may or may not like.

If you need a bag tomorrow, we definitely recommend you this enriched feature option.

Very durable
Well priced
Great push button to enable one hand mobility

The zippers might not be that strong/they might be prone to damage if you pull them hard
The fabrics might tear away if you are not taking proper care of the bag

5. Lucas Vortex Ultra Lightweight Collection 24 inch Spinner Review:

So, if you are into a standard looking checked suitcase which comes in tons of colors, then Lucas Vortex might be the perfect option for you. The product is super easy to use, and it offers you almost everything that you need. This product is actually good enough to be able to compete with backpacks.

You obviously know about the backpackers and their craze with backpacks. They behave in a way that they will take their whole world in that one tiny bag. Well, guess what? You can actually do that with this bag. Well, not literally the world but a good portion of it for sure.

The bag is made of complete polyester, so you do not get a mix of fabrics like the previous model we talked about. The materials are imported though and will always ensure high quality. The weight is ultra light, and there are standard wheels and handle to make your pulling experience smooth.

The bag actually took care of little things, and we give the company credit for each one of these. For example, the grip of the handle is made with care and you will actually like pulling the bag for no reasons. This 5-pound bag will definitely be an excellent addition to your next tour if you think about it. If you want, this can be your friend for life.

Lots of color options to go for
Very durable wheels to make moving comfortable
The handle grip is ultra comfortable
Weights around 5 pounds which is super efficient

The zippers will break, and there is hardly any way to avoid it other than replacing
The wheels might break too if you are not careful about your bag while walking

Finally, we would love to tell you that no matter which bag you choose from these LUCAS luggage reviews, you should always take proper care of your bag.

We do not think about our bag unless the next trip is coming ahead and if that is your mentality, then the chances are high that you will not be able to use one bag for a long period of time.

Therefore, take great care of your Lucas bags, and you will always end up having an amazing experience.

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