How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

To avoid costly airline monetary penalties, you must do several, if not all of the following measures to stay under the 50 pound weight maximum for domestic travel set forth by most domestic airlines:

1. Purchase luggage within a seven to ten pound weight range.

2. Keep the contents of baggage light.

3. Pack light footwear.

4. Pack less clothing pieces by mixing and matching.

5. Pack clothing layers to avoid packing heavy fall and winter clothing.

6. Choose a travel wardrobe primarily comprised of lightweight synthetic fabrics.

7. Avoid packing books, appliances, tools, weighty camera gear and other heavy articles in your checked luggage.

8. Pack an expandable bag to serve as your back-up tote when you either pack too much in your main piece or purchase items on the road.

9. Take only soft-sided luggage or our lightweight hard-sided bags when you travel by air.

10. Pack quick-dry clothing which can be washed and dried overnight.  Speed-dry travel socks and travel underwear are essential.  Leave the kitchen sink at home!

Taking the “lug” out of luggage doesn’t have to be that hard if you start with an investment in the latest luggage designs.

For those business travelers who must pack heavier suits, dresses and shoes for business and socializing, keep in mind manufacturers are constructing soft-sided luggage that is extremely lightweight and durable.

Shoppers comparing today’s latest models of luggage won’t notice much difference in outward appearance from recent styles of their favorite brand except when they pick up the new, lighter suitcases.

Many brands have luggage lines within their assortment that shed pounds off previous luggage weights by examining each and every component and replacing parts which added weight.

Luggage frames, handles, wheels, hardware and even zipper pulls have been changed-out for lighter components.

By engineering stronger frame designs, by taking out the majority of the frame all-together, and by using tough, high-tech plastics luggage manufacturers have reduced luggage weight by 25% to 33% in many lines without compromising structural integrity.

It’s a travel axiom that suitcases always seem to be weighted down coming home from a trip in which you purchased momentos, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to buy a larger suitcase.

A three-inch expandable capability is built into most upright suitcases these days to remedy this type of situation.

The only drawback to the expanding option is travelers have to keep in mind the weight limitations of airlines and try and reign themselves in when packing purchases from their trip.

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