You are going on holidays with your family in the near future.

But you are wondering all the time about:

How to prepare for this trip to make it as safe as possible for you and your family?

Never worry again because:

The following holiday travel safety tips are designed to promote safety and a sense of security for families on the road:

Some of it is common sense, but worth mentioning in the current climate.

Here we go. Enjoy.

1. Make sure to leave your itinerary with a family member, friend, or colleague. Include as much info as you have – phone numbers, dates, accommodations, travel days.

2. Once you get where you are going, note where the hospital and emergency care centers are, if it’s not obvious, make it your business to find out.

3. Carry your cell phone with you whenever you are in the car. Keep it charged and recharge your cell phone battery regularly.

4. Carry a working flashlight and extra batteries.

5. Join an organization that provides roadside assistance. Keep that card in your wallet or in the glove compartment. Besides towing service, many provide pre-planned routes, discounts and insurance.

6. Have an atlas or maps in the glove compartment. (Make sure the maps cover the areas you will be traveling)

7. Carry jumper cables and a properly inflated spare tire and jack. Make sure you know how to jump a battery and change a flat.

8. Keep a well-sealed, up-to-date first aid kit that includes headache, pain, allergy and stomach medicines, Band-Aids and anti-bacterial cream. Include the phone numbers of your doctor, dentist, and medical insurance company.

9. Make sure your registration and current insurance card are in the glove compartment.

10. If you have to stop on a highway, exit on the passenger side of the car. If at all possible do not try to change a tire next to a “live” lane.

11. Pack a big umbrella or a poncho – breakdowns inevitably occur in the pouring rain.

12. Have a small shovel and sand or rock salt in your trunk.

13. Keep a gallon of water and blankets in the car.

14. Check out our road trip games to help keep the kids happy in the backseat, so the driver can concentrate on driving.

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