Fun Games to Play on Long Car Rides with Kids – What’s Your Favorite?

Games to Play on Long Car Rides

If you are looking for fun games that you can play in the car with your family. Then, make sure to check the games below. Of course, there are more. So, please contribute your games, we would love to hear your suggestions.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of ten Items, e.g. a man talking on a cell phone, a truck with two people, a woman wearing a hat, a billboard with a boy on it, a church steeple, a state trooper, a car carrier, an original VW bug, a convertible, and a dog hanging out the window.

Give five points to the person that finds each Item. The person with the most points wins.

2. Penny Ante

Give all your kids twenty-five cents and fine them a penny whenever they fight or whine. If they have all their money when you stop, promise to double their money.

3. Foil Them

Pickup, a roll of tin foil, toss it in the back seat and let the kids create tin-foil sculptures.

4. Color My World

Pick a color and the first person to find fifty things that color wins.

5. My Car

Have your kids choose a number from one to fifty, start counting the cars that go by. When they reach their number, that’s the kind of car they will get for their 16th birthday.

6. Imagine That

Let your kids’ imagination run wild. When you pass a house, car, or truck, let them create silly stories about who the people are, what they are doing, and where they are going.

7. Mail Time

Save up your Junk Mail and let the kids open It up during the trip or save up all those brochures you find at hotels and rest stops and have the kids tell stories about what they’d like to see and do and why.

8. Conversation Starters

Use the time in the car to talk with your children. Let them ask questions about when you were growing up, like, Who was your first boyfriend or girlfriend?, What subject did you hate in school? Who was your favorite teacher and why? What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?

Then ask them questions: If you were president, what would be your first law? If you could invite anyone in the whole world to dinner, who wound It be? If you could make up a new holiday, what would it be?

9. Count the license plates from out-of-state

Whoever gets the most (says the name of the state first) wins after a certain time period, i.e., 15 minutes, a half-hour, etc.

10. V-Dub

The person who sees the most Volkswagen Beetles and says it first within a certain time period wins.

11. Alphabet

Try to get through the whole alphabet by spotting letters on billboards, license plates, road signs, etc.


Now, it’s your turn to name a game kids might play in the car.

Before you go…

Check out the following road trip games you might want to add to your collection. These games will come handy when you take breaks at restaurants and hotels.

Games to Play at Restaurants:

1. Water Snake

Scrunch down the paper on a paper-covered straw until it forms a tight accordion shape.
Put the paper on the table and, using the straw, put a few drops of water on it. The paper will expand and create a snake.

2. Shuffleboard Pennies

You need several pennies for this game. Two players sit on opposite sides of a table. Place the pennies in the center of the cleared table.

The first player hits the penny with their finger to try and get it as close to the opposite edge of the table as possible. Players alternate turns, shooting the pennies from where they last landed.

If the penny falls within two inches from the edge = 1 point. If it’s slightly over the edge = 5 points. If it falls off the table = lose a point.

3. Guess the Check

This one is always a favorite.

4. Add The Check (a much-loved variation)

The kid who finds an error in the check receives an amount equal to it, i.e., for a $1.00 overcharge, they get $1.00, etc.

Games to Play at Hotels:

Some of these games can leave your hotel room in quite a state of disarray, but let’s face it: when you are traveling with kids, your room doesn’t look like the average business traveler.

The housekeepers at most hotels are poorly paid, and a generous tip will help assuage your guilt. If you are staying several nights in the same place, tip the housekeeper in advance. This gesture may even bring you extra towels and wash cloths!

1. Ashtray Hide-Away

You guessed it-hide that ashtray while everybody keeps his or her eyes closed. (Hard to play in a non-smoking hotel room!)

2. Waste Basketball

Use your brought-along ball and count the number of balls in the basket. Put the basket far away or up high to make the game more challenging.

3. Bubble Time

Bring along a bottle of blowing bubbles and let the kids blow themselves silly in the bathroom. Careful, the floor will be slippery, so put down some towels.

4. Pillow Fight

You know.

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