How many times have you made a purchase from a particular store just because of the company’s brand name? I have too. But, the reason for my purchases runs deeper than a product coming from a reputable brand. I make these purchases because I know that no matter the price tag, the product is of a superior quality.

One of the many brands that make my traveling fun is Delsey. This French never ceases to amaze me with their quaint innovation. Delsey’s luggage meets every traveler’s needs by the high functionality which blends with the aesthetics of the luggage. Delsey luggage is always stylish regardless of the part of the world you get it from.

The reason for all this love and loyalty stems from the fact that this company listens to their customers across the globe and they produce the kind luggage you have been looking for. By diversifying their product lines to incorporate specific carry-ons, checked luggage, and lightweight hardside and softside luggage Delsey has been able to serve all travelers. As a result, answering the question, which is the best Delsey luggage isn’t straightforward. You will have to pick a luggage category first.

Among hundreds other Delsey suitcases, here are the five best reviewed:

Delsey Luggage Reviews:

Luggage NameDimensionsWeightSizePrice
1. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Hardside Spinner
(Editor’s Choice)
29″ x 19.5″ x 12.5″12.5 lbsChecked “Large”[Check Price]
2. Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hardside Spinner21.0″ x 13.8″ x 9.8″8.3 lbsDomestic Carry On[Check Price]
3. Delsey Luggage Chatillon Softside Spinner29.3″ x 19.3″ x 12.3″9.3 lbsChecked “Large”[Check Price]
4. Delsey Luggage Helium Sky 2.0 3 Piece Softside Spinner Set1. 20.5″ x 13.5 x 9.5
2. 25″ x 17 x 10.8
3. 29″ x 19 x 11.5
1. 7.1 lbs
2. 8.6 lbs
3. 10.6 lbs
1. Domestic Carry On
2. Checked “Medium”
3. Checked “Large”
[Check Price]
5. Delsey Quilted UnderSeat Tote14.5″ x 14″ x 9″5.6 lbsUnder Seat Carry On[Check Price]


1. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley 29″:

As mentioned above, Delsey luggage is stylish, and a look at this suitcase says it all. The color variation means that there is something for everyone. Therefore, if your past vacations have had unceremonious endings thanks to ripped luggage that has lost its color, you have to get this trolley.

High functionality: This luggage’s functionality exceeds the good looks. It is hardside with 100 percent polycarbonate construction. Polycarbonate is the best hardside luggage material because of its resilience. It is scratch resistant and it hardly ever breaks hence durable. The best part about all this is that despite the strength, it is lightweight. Polycarbonate allows for a high strength to weight ratio, and this is why it is perfect for traveling. This is the luggage that simplifies packing by not contributing to too much of the weight.

Superior maneuverability: The 29” Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley has four double spinner wheels which allow for the highest level of maneuverability. The wheels glide smoothly, and they do not put any weight on your shoulders. The spinner wheels are multi-directional seeing as they rotate around a 360-degrees angle.

Packing: Though it is a hardside, it is expandable. You can get two extra inches off the original weight. We can agree on the importance of this extra space when it comes to souvenirs, can’t we?

Even without the expandable space, this luggage still holds down as the best regarding the capacity of the zipper-closed main compartment. It has two nylon-lined compartments on either side of the suitcase which has a 50-50 split. The compartments have pockets that allow for easy access and better organization of your travel essentials. For the stability of your belongings, both sections have web straps as well as zippered dividers. These features play a significant role in reducing the formation of wrinkles on garments.

For comfort when gliding this luggage, there is a recessed one-button locking handle system made of aluminum tubes. The handle has a molded ergonomic grip.

At the airport security check, you will like the incorporation of TSA-approved combination locks.
The luggage comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

It has highly maneuverable wheels which glide smoothly on even and uneven surfaces
It is durable and lightweight thanks to the polycarbonate construction
It is affordable
It has a large storage capacity
It has a TSA-approved combination lock

The glossy finish peels off after a few uses

2. Delsey Luggage Chatelet 21 Inch Carry-On Spinner:

Are you about to go on a domestic or an international trip for and are looking for a spacious carry-on Delsey bag? You may want to check this one out then buy it. If you are still wondering why you need a large carry-on, here is a clue – the chances of losing your valuables are higher when using checked luggage than carry-on luggage. Also, carry-on luggage is highly unlikely to get dents when overboard.

Having cleared that, here are the reasons why you need this Delsey Luggage Chatelet 21 Inch, Carry-On Spinner.

First, Aesthetics: It looks attractive, and it will look great overhead. It is an ideal carry-on for every lady thanks to the Parisian vintage chic style. You will also like that the luggage got its name from a famous Paris central district – Chatelet.

Durable construction: They say that beauty is skin deep and this luggage is a clear example of the expression. It has a 100% virgin (Makrolon) polycarbonate construction. Pure polycarbonate has a unique formulation from exposure to high temperature and high-impact resistance tests making this one of the toughest and the most durable material. Its use in this luggage, therefore, means that you can trust the luggage to last. Ironically, the strength is high but the weight low.

High maneuverability: The wheels on this luggage run smoothly and quietly. They are double spinners with 360-degree rotation angles. Unlike most other spinner wheels, these are specifically Hinomoto spinner wheels which are bigger than other wheels but more stable.

For enhanced control over the wheels, there is a unique braking system incorporated. With one knob, you can activate the braking system which will lock the front wheels of the luggage to prevent drifting of the bag. This also makes it possible for you to roll the luggage using the two back wheels.

Besides the lightweight of the luggage which lets you pack a few extra items that you would traditional luggage. The carry-on has two soft-lined packing compartments and webbed straps to hold the contents of the luggage in place. There also is a zipped divider that helps you organize your travel essentials.

The zipper is the other excellent feature. It is a Patent-pending Zip Securi Tech which is four times stronger than standard zippers. It also has a unique identification plate for quick identification.

It is dirt resistant, and you can easily wipe off any dirt
It is resilient and durable
It is beautiful
It has a TSA-approved combination lock
It’s the perfect size for carry-on luggage
The wheels glide smoothly and silently

It is not expandable

3. Delsey Luggage Chatillon 29 inch Lightweight Expandable:

Finding real lightweight luggage always feels like the search for a needle in a haystack. This is because many brands mention that they sell lightweight luggage but that turns into a lie after purchase. Delsey, on the other hand, is true to you and their lightweight luggage lightweight.

This luggage has the following features:

Polyester construction: Polyester is a lightweight and a cheap softside luggage construction fabric. Even though it is lightweight and inexpensive, it isn’t flimsy. It is durable and also scratch resistant. These features result from the fact that the luggage has reinforced corners which have a scratch resistant element. It is also water-resistant thanks to the use of Dura-Tec fabric alongside polyester. This luggage is therefore lightweight and durable.

Packing: It has an expandable main compartment which you can use to carry gifts to your host or souvenirs on your way back. Even when you have a lot to pack, you won’t have to worry about paying more for extra items since this luggage has an overweight indicator which goes off when the suitcase’s weight exceeds 50 pounds. The main compartment has multiple expandable pockets and tie-down straps to secure your belongings. All these features make it possible for you to maximize space while packing with ease.

To minimize wrinkles on your clothes, the front lid has a special garment system.

Laptop sleeve – there is a padded sleeve which is easily accessible and can hold a 15.6-inch laptop and other electronics. It also has a quick-access front pocket for holding accessories.

Comfort: This luggage has four wheels which glide or roll easily. The wheels are highly maneuverable. To enhance comfort, there is a telescoping handle which allows the use of two or all of the four wheels. The handle makes this lightweight spinner a good carry-on too because it’s retractable and strong.

It is a lightweight, and it works as a carry-on too
It has a sturdy construction which makes for its durability
It is beautiful
It has a large packing space
It has a patented overweight indicator
The wheels roll smoothly

It may be too big

4. Delsey Luggage Helium Sky 2.0 3 Piece Softside Spinner Set:

Are you making plans to take a long trip in or out of the country and are looking for durable and the most beautiful spinner luggage sets on the market? Well, you have to get this Delsey luggage set. The luggage set is softside and has a durable polyester construction. Apart from polyester, its construction features the use of micro-ballistic nylon with a vapor barrier. As a result, the luggage set isn’t just durable but also water resistant.

Durability also results from the presence of corner protectors and molded propylene kick plates. These get rid of weak stress points.

The attractive design will also be a perfect fit for your daughter if she is traveling out of state for work or school. It will be possible to pack in all essentials as a result of the tie down straps that enhance stability. The set also features 2 zippered pockets, a suiter clip (on the 25” and the 29” suitcases), and I wet pocket in all the suitcases.

The suitcases also have three external zippered pockets which enhance the organization of your belongings. The interior lining has a soft touch which makes it perfect and protective for electronics.

All the suitcases feature four spinner wheels which account for superior maneuverability and smooth gliding on even and uneven surfaces. Comfort is also the result of the telescoping handle that has two adjustable lengths for extra comfort. This handle eases pressure off your shoulders.

The spinner wheels are highly maneuverable, and they glide smoothly
The suitcases are lightweight
The set has a sturdy construction
The suitcases are beautiful
They have enough storage space
It is affordable

They aren’t expandable

5. Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote:

Traveling light has been my biggest challenge thanks to the fact that it’s hard to pick one dress over the other and there is always a strong compulsion to get matching shoes with almost every outfit. However, with time, I have been able to tone things down by packing what I need – I call it utilitarian packing. I have also learned that it is okay to wear one pair of shoes with more than one outfit.

Unfortunately, I learned all this the hard way – I had to pay for the extra weight many times, and that had to stop. One thing that finally helped was getting a high-quality bag that forces you to pack light – the kind bag that fits under a seat.

I got lucky the first time when I got this Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote EXCLUSIVE, and I have stuck with it since.

It has a sturdy 1800D polyester construction for durability. The use of polyester also makes this tote lightweight while contributing to its affordability. It is easy to travel with because it fits most under seats and overhead compartments of most airlines.

It looks stylish with pits quilted exterior while the interior has a colorful chic finish. The interior compartment is also stylish and will hold toiletries and clothes. The toiletries easily fit in the smaller interior pockets.

The front organizer is easily accessible and ideal for books, tickets, and passports.

It is lightweight and durable
The wheels move smoothly
It is spacious
It is affordable
It fits airline overheads and under-seats
It is beautiful

You may drag the straps in dirt
It’s not expandable

Wrap Up:
So, there you have it, the five best Delsey Luggage reviews of all time. As you can see, Delsey is versatile, handy, sturdy, durable, highly functional and exceptionally stylish. The only question is, which luggage are you getting?

Delsey Luggage Buyer’s Guide:

About DELSEY Paris:

Delsey creates some of the best affordable luggage to make your journey even better. Since 1946 the French luggage company has produced the finest products for travel.

Delsey distributes the lightest and most secure luggage making them one of the very largest luggage manufacturers in the world. Delsey’s network of distribution covers over 110 countries.

Listening to frequent travelers who require both light-weight and strong luggage, the best French luggage brand has designed a wide range of compact and elegant suitcases through its Helium collection.

Delsey Luggage Company has redefined the term ‘Lightweight’ in the luggage category. Delsey’s Luggage Chatillon line is almost lighter than most luggage available on the market today. Delsey’s Luggage Helium lines come second after the Chatillon line in terms of lightweight.

In keeping with their quality standards worldwide, the French company serves America by providing a variety of affordable luggage built with the same quality as more expensive luggage.

With these high-end suitcases, Delsey luggage does not demerit against its competitors, nothing but the fancy and modern designs push its customers to buy it without hesitation.

Delsey Luggage Undeniable Pros:

Delsey products have become real objects of fashion by the fact that they are the kind of luggage which perfectly meet the expectations of the fussiest.

Solid materials that provide excellent resistance to shocks. Similarly, their ultra-chic design does not leave indifferent.

Delsey offers many models of soft-sided and hard sided suitcases as well as travel bags combining innovative technologies, high-end finishes, elegant design and bright and original colors.

Compared to other models from competing brands, Delsey suitcases are appreciated for their design that adapts for business travel as well as for personal use. Their superior robustness guarantees a sustainable and intensive use.

Delsey Luggage Warranty:

Made from raw materials of high specifications and subjected to rigorous quality controls, all DELSEY products have a guarantee for 2, 5, 10 years or a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect.

To know the duration of your warranty, check the warranty card which is located inside your luggage. After your purchase, you need to register your luggage warranty in this form.

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