Tips for Traveling With Kids

Traveling With Kids: What to Expect & What You Should Do? What makes an adventure work is an accumulation of so many things. It’s those moments of sheer joy and just feeling alive that only come after moments of discomfort or hardship. It’s knowing your family just accomplished something you never thought you would, reaching a new pinnacle[…]

14 Holiday Travel Safety Tips for Families with Kids

We offer you the following holiday travel safety tips, some of it common sense, but worth mentioning in the current climate, designed to promote safety and a sense of security for families on the road: 1. Make sure to leave your itinerary with a family member, friend, or colleague. Include as much info as you have – phone[…]

Mom’s & Dad’s Top 10 Travel Tips

Mom’s Top 10 Travel Tips 1. Always stop when your child says, “I have to go.” 2. Drive when the kids are sleeping, either in the early morning or late at night. 3. Lay out your trip in advance and plan frequent stops along the way. 4. Pack the car the night before your trip 5. Pack an[…]

22 Fabulous Family Travel Tips

Check out these fabulous family travel tips, especially for those that like to whine, fight, complain, bicker, etc. on long trips. Enjoy… 1. Pack a roll of tin foil and let the kids create tin-foil sculptures. (Shiny, noisy, easy to sculpt – what could be better or cheaper!) 2. Add multi-colored pipe cleaners to the sculpting mix and[…]