The Best Luggage Set for International Travel

You would be surprised at how poorly luggage is handled when you check it in during your international travels. That is how you end up with a missing part or unnecessary wear and tear. Luckily, some luggage makers extend their warranties to cover airline damage. You know by default that the dimensions have to meet the requirements of[…]

The Best Hard-Sided Luggage Sets

About 30 years ago, hard-sided luggage was the in thing. Nothing short of a hard brick hauled right at the luggage would break it. But the downside was in the weight. Those things weighed a tonne! In the 90s, travelers discovered the soft-side and a significant shift threw hard-side luggage out of favor. Unfortunately, the soft kind would[…]

Best Luggage Sets 2018 – Top Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There is nothing that beats an adventurous spirit. No place will be impossible to travel to, well, unless your baggage lacks a safe and stylish home to stay in! By this, I mean that you have to get the best luggage that will hold all your essentials and souvenirs you’ll collect from a place – trust me, there[…]