Best Luggage for Study Abroad

This could the first step towards the rest of your life. Studying abroad doesn’t just increase your number of international friends, but it may open up new job opportunities. You never know, you may live in the new country. But, before we get there, you have to make the transition easy the first time you make that trip[…]

Transport Bicycle on Plane: Can I & How to?

Are you planning to take your bike with you on a plane but don’t know whether it’s possible and how to do it? You are on the right page. We are going you show you how we have been able to go to different places with our bikes. It’s not a hard thing; however, you need to prepare[…]

Best Luggage 2018 – Top Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Not again! What is wrong with my luggage this time around? No, you don’t want this to be you on your highly anticipated trip to that exotic destination. With airplane regulators setting up stricter regulations on the type of luggage and the weight limits for your luggage, it means that you will have to be careful with the[…]

Hardside vs. Softside Luggage: 7 Things to keep In Mind

Travelling is therapeutic, but one thing can ruin your travel preparation – your inability to choose the right luggage bag or picking the wrong one. Since we know that you need a stylish, protective, and a functional traveling bag, you are in the right hands. Just like you, many other travelers feel stumped as they prepare for their[…]

What to Wear When Traveling: 6 Journeys

1. Cruises What It Means: Cruise lines target destinations when and where the climate is temperate. Ports-of-call, on-board attire, and captain’s dinners dictate the wardrobe. What You Need: Except for the one or two formal evenings, cruisers need lightweight, comfortable garments that are appropriate for extensive walking in various ports-of-call or around large ships. Wear casual styles that[…]

Top Ten Reasons for Traveling in a Carry-on

1. You will never worry about lost luggage. Airline statistics tell us they lose one out of every one hundred pieces of checked luggage. Don’t become a statistic! 2. You will never have to worry about late luggage.  Again, airline statistics tell us three bags out of every one hundred pieces checked are late. So, if you check[…]

How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees: 10 Steps to Go

To avoid costly airline monetary penalties, you must do several, if not all of the following measures to stay under the 50 pound weight maximum for domestic travel set forth by most domestic airlines: 1. Purchase luggage within a seven to ten pound weight range. 2. Keep the contents of baggage light. 3. Pack light footwear. 4. Pack[…]

Carry On Packing List: Family Edition!!!

If you are a firm believer in traveling as light as possible. But when it comes to carry-on luggage, you want to have all of the little necessities at hand on board a plane, not stowed in the hold. The following is a carry on packing list of essentials for you followed by essentials for children by ages.[…]

Top Ten Reasons for Packing Light

Intelligence – You could save your marriage. Good Health – Your back won’t require attention from the native medic who happens to be the local shaman as well. Good Manners – You will enter and exit trains without taking out fellow tourists with your thirty-inch long suitcase, packed with sixty-pounds, and topped with a heaping duffel bag stuffed[…]