Lightweight Carry On Luggage Under 5 lbs

Lightweight and functionality; these are the two essential elements to consider when buying luggage. Light in weight because you don’t want to exceed standards and the requirements of the airline and also because you don’t need heavy luggage that will drag you down. Regarding functionality, great luggage will carry all your belongings and last long enough to take[…]

Best Lightweight Luggage for Europe

One of the most important items on your bucket list is a multi-city trip in Europe. We travel for different reasons; business or pleasure. Regardless of the reason for travel, traveling remains the most rejuvenating and even life changing. Meeting people and interacting with different environments opens your world view. It is for this reason that traveling is[…]

Best Lightweight Suitcase for International Travel

It is light, but it can carry a lot. The heavy weight of a suitcase doesn’t guarantee its longevity. Thanks to technological advancements, there are new suitcase designs which last long and no, they are not heavy. The lightweight suitcases result from the incorporation of fabrics with low weight but high strength. Why should you look for the[…]

Best Lightweight Luggage 2018 – Top Reviews

Life is a beautiful journey, let nothing hold you back. This is my mantra having been to many travel destinations. Through my experiences, I learned that the best way to enjoy a trip is by carrying a bag you can carry – something lightweight with a sturdy handle that will hold firmly even when my bag is overflowing[…]