Top 10 Places to Visit in Sydney at Night

So you’ve made it all the way to Sydney, don’t spend your nights ordering in room service and flicking through the TV channels for something mediocre. Instead, get out and about because there is always something to do in Sydney! Circular Quay If you think you’ve seen the best of Circular Quay during the day, you’re wrong. Experiencing[…]

15 Most Underrated Places to Travel No One Wants You to Hear About

Tax season is approaching…are you already planning what you will be doing with your return? Before you plan your next vacation, make sure you know the most underrated places to travel. These gorgeous destinations truly have something for everyone. 1. Bavaria, Germany Bavaria is the home of the real life Cinderella castle (Neuschwanstein). This is the travel destination[…]

10 Best Places for Solo Female Travel

The idea of traveling alone to unknown lands can be agonizing. Kristin Addis, a young woman of 29, has spent the last three years traveling the world with her camera to a unique company. Here, she says, the best beautiful destinations for solo female travel:[next] 1. Reykjavik, Iceland Besides being beautiful, Reykjavik is one of the safest cities[…]