Lightweight Carry On Luggage Under 5 lbs

Lightweight and functionality; these are the two essential elements to consider when buying luggage. Light in weight because you don’t want to exceed standards and the requirements of the airline and also because you don’t need heavy luggage that will drag you down. Regarding functionality, great luggage will carry all your belongings and last long enough to take[…]

Best Carry On Luggage Under $100

Who said you need more than a hundred bucks for the best carry-on luggage? Yes, some of the best carry-ons, the one you have been dreaming of, including designer luggage cost a lot but, you can still get a high-quality carry-on within your budget. How do you find carry-on luggage? First off, you have to filter your search[…]

Best Carry-On Backpack for International Travel

The best carry-on backpack for international travel meets most airline luggage requirements of size and also shape. While there are many backpacks on the market, most of them are for backpacking, carrying laptops or school books. In most cases, these bags may or may not qualify for use in international travel. When looking for a backpack for international[…]

Best Carry On Bag for a Woman

What does your carry-on bag say about you? We do judge people by their appearance because even though this isn’t forbidden, you meet the external representation of the person before meeting their personality and character. When traveling, we come across different types of people, and we can’t help but profile them depending on how they look. It is[…]

Carry On Luggage with Suit Compartment

You don’t want to run into a business meeting with a creased suit. This is because your looks can make or break your business deal. To prevent any situation that diminishes your chances of losing a business meeting, you need to get carry-on luggage. Carry-on luggage saves you time at the airport, saves you extra airline fees, and[…]

Best Carry On Luggage for Business Travel 2018

Say you are late for your international or domestic business meeting because of a delayed flight, can you go to the venue of the meeting with your carry-on luggage? While flight delays are unprecedented, it isn’t unheard of. For reasons like weather, your flight may be a few hours late. If you have a meeting a few hours[…]

Best International Carry On Luggage 2018

How many of us have lost valuables on international trips many times that the thought of carrying luggage leaves you with knots in your stomach? I know, and just like you, the main reason for the loss was because I took checked luggage. I am not saying that you should never have checked luggage but wouldn’t it be[…]

The Best Carry On Luggage 2018 – Top Rated & Reviews

You can spot a seasoned traveler with ease. They are confident, anticipating at checkpoints, and they ooze knowledge of airport procedures. One more thing that gives them away is their carry-on luggage. [Click Here to get our top carry-on] If you frequently travel on business or pleasure, you need luggage that can pack your laptop, suit, and few[…]