You don’t want to run into a business meeting with a creased suit. This is because your looks can make or break your business deal. To prevent any situation that diminishes your chances of losing a business meeting, you need to get carry-on luggage.

Carry-on luggage saves you time at the airport, saves you extra airline fees, and it makes it easy to carry your laptop or tablet, plus clothes for the meeting.

So, when making plans to travel domestically or internationally for business, you have to make sure that you carry all your business garments in a ready-to-wear state. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try, your current carry-on luggage may not be the best in keeping your suit in place. This is because most suitcases and bags come with general compartments with zippered storage as well as compression straps.

While the straps in most suitcases hold the clothes in place, they don’t prevent creasing. For that reason, if you travel a lot for business, you need to get carry-on luggage with suit compartment.

The incorporation of a suit compartment in a carry-on is a stealth move noting that if the suit compartment were in checked luggage, then it would mean that the luggage gets tossed around and the clothes crease. Therefore, unless you have a reliable hardside checked luggage, a carry-on is the best travel luggage for business. The carry-on fits in the overhead bin easily, and you keep a close eye on the bag preventing loss of possible mishandling.

To make this possible, you have to find the best carry-on luggage on the market.

This review simplifies your search with these two suitcases:

Carry On Luggage with Suit Compartment:

Luggage NameDimensionsWeightSize 
[azrev_link_text asin="B00S7ITH9W" store="travel-kgr-20"]1. Victorinox Werks Traveler Wheeled Garment Bag[/azrev_link_text]22″ x 16″ x 9″8.5 lbsDomestic Carry On[azrev_link_button asin="B00S7ITH9W" store="travel-kgr-20" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_text asin="B008M6ZDO2" store="travel-kgr-20"]2. Briggs & Riley Baseline Upright Garment Bag[/azrev_link_text]22″ x 14″ x 9″9 lbsDomestic Carry On[azrev_link_button asin="B008M6ZDO2" store="travel-kgr-20" text="Check Price"]

1. Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 East/ West Wheeled Garment Bag Review:

This is one of the best carry-ons on the market. It has a classic business design, and if running late, you can take this luggage with you to the meeting venue without stopping by your hotel room. It is black and as we all know, black means business. This is the kind of luggage that will earn you more than a couple of compliments.

Aside from the looks, this bag has so much more to offer. It is relatively lightweight, and even when fully packed, you won’t have a hard time hoisting it up to the overhead bin.

We mentioned prevention of creases on clothes; well, this Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 East/ West Wheeled Garment Bag comes with a sophisticated interior organization system. Its interior organization keeps your suit(s) looking pressed throughout your trip thanks to the hanger clamp that secures the clothes. There also is a foam bolster and a compression strap that helps minimize wrinkles.

For long items of clothing, there is an extension panel. To use the extension panel, all you have to do is to remove the two removable mesh corner storage cubes.

For other small items, you can use the zippered mesh pocket as well as the large zippered mesh pocket. The latter is ideal for keeping shoes. The beauty of this bag’s internal storage is that the mesh pockets are on opposite sides of the door.

For exterior organization, this carry-on comes with a large front zippered pocket located just above the Victorinox logo. This pocket is ideal for your accessories.

Besides what it can carry, you are probably wondering about how long the bag will last. This luggage is your lucky charm, and it will last quite a long while. The durability of this luggage comes from the reliable 100 percent ballistic nylon construction on the exterior. The zippers are the weatherproof YKK Racquet Coil zippers which are easy to use and also dependable.

This carry-on luggage is easy to use thanks to the convenient packing system and the dual-trolley handle. This suitcase’s ribbed handle is comfortable, and it offers a comfortable grip. This handle offers you superior control over the backpack which rolls easily using the two wide wheels. The wheels are 80mm inline wheels that are stable, and they roll with ease.

This Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 East/ West Wheeled Garment Bag has TSA-approved combination locks for easy opening and relocking when airport security checks your belongings.

You will also like the fact that this carry-on luggage comes with a Global lifetime plus limited warranty lasting for five years.

It prevents creases thanks to the garment bag
It fits overhead bins
The detachable J-hook allows hanging over the door or the closet
The interior snap loop keeps the bag in an open position
It has YKK raquet zippers

It is expensive

2. Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-on Upright Garment Bag Review:

If you are in business or your line of work requires you to wear suits, then you need to make sure that you always have a clean and a neat suit within reach when traveling. If you are looking for all these benefits, then you may want to consider getting this Briggs & Riley Carry-on.

This carry-on luggage with suit compartment is distinct in its modern design and the size. It doesn’t just look right; it is the right carry-on bag because it is durable and it will be worth your money. The bag’s durability comes from the 1680D ballistic nylon construction. The outer fabric is strong and resistant to wear and tear. It is also resistant to moisture, abrasion, and dust.

This bag is also spacious. It has a large interior capacity which consists of a flat interior surface with elastic accessory pockets and garment securing panels. This interior space makes packing easy. You will also like the fact that the bag has an outside handle which increases the internal space.

For odd-shaped items, you have the mesh corner pockets, and for the long garments, this bag has a removable zip-in extender panel. You can also create a hanging shelf by attaching the garment bag to the exterior of the bag. In addition to these, the bag’s storage versatility comes from the webbing straps which create a shelf-like structure for easy access to your garments. You will also like the quick-access outside pocket.

It also comes with self-repairing YKK zippers. The wheels are strong, and they roll smoothly while the v-groove handle tubes offer excellent control when on the move. The tethered Smartlink strap transports more than two bags as one.

It is convenient for business travel, and it keeps your clothes neat
It is long lasting
Reliable and it glides with ease
The handle is comfortable, and it offers a high level of control
A good three-day bag

It doesn’t fit overhead bins easily

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