A duffel bag is one of the lightest bags you can travel with internationally. It is ideal for holidays and perfect outdoor adventures. If you are still unsure of what a duffel bag is – a duffel bag is a lightweight travel bag with a narrow and almost cylindrical shape.

The best rolling duffel bag for international travel offers different carrying options ranging from haul handles which you can use to carry the bag by hand to shoulder straps that let you carry the duffel bag across or on the shoulder. Some duffel bags make it possible for carrying as backpacks. Thanks to innovation, you can also find a duffel bag with spinner or rolling wheels.

While duffel bags are common with sports persons, marines, and persons going to the gym. Thanks to the versatility of rolling duffel bags, you get full value for your money when you buy it.

However, you can’t buy any duffel and expect high functionality. There are a few good rolling duffel bags. And, to identify the best duffel bag, you need to consider the bag’s size. If possible, you should consider getting a duffel that will fit the overhead bin. The bag should also have a strong construction design using tough fabrics, and it should be easy to use.

After considering these features, I have these two duffel bags for you to consider:

Best Rolling Duffel Bag for International Travel:

Luggage NameDimensionsWeightSize 
[azrev_link_text asin="B011RY29GA" store="travel-kgr-20"]1. Ricardo Malibu Bay Rolling City Duffel[/azrev_link_text]12″ x 19.5″ x 10.5″4.5 lbsInternational Carry On[azrev_link_button asin="B011RY29GA" store="travel-kgr-20" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_text asin="B01JUCHV28" store="travel-kgr-20"]2. Eagle Creek Load Hauler Non-Wheeled Luggage[/azrev_link_text]22″ x 14″ x 9″1.8 lbsDomestic Carry On[azrev_link_button asin="B01JUCHV28" store="travel-kgr-20" text="Check Price"]

1. Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu 20-Inch Rolling City Duffel Review:

I’ve come across multiple rolling duffel bags yet, most of those bags don’t match the classiness and the functional reliability of this duffel bag. This gray duffel bag is lightweight meaning that even with too many items packed up, it hardly exceeds airline weight limits. It, therefore, qualifies to be in the list of the best rolling duffel bags for international travel.

The low weight of this duffel comes from the construction using Dreamfel. Dreamfel is 30 percent lighter than polyester and 20 percent lighter than nylon. Though lightweight, it is strong and built to last. The construction of this duffel bag makes this duffel abrasion resistant and also resistant to forces of wear and tear.

The construction of this duffel back is environmentally friendly. This bag has a low carbon footprint, and it has the approval of the FDA, and it also meets OEKO-TEX standards. What this means is that, during the bag’s construction process, there is production of little waste and there also is energy and water conservation because the fabric goes through solution dyeing during fabric pre-weaving.

Besides the eco-friendliness, this bag offers comfortable handling. It has padded side and top carrying handles for easy lifting and comfortable handling.

The duffel is also expandable with the pull of a zipper increasing your packing capacity. Moving with this bag is effortless as a result of the custom 360-degrees double wheel system. The wheels glide smoothly in all directions for high mobility and stability.

This duffel also gives you easy access to your travel essentials thanks to the multiple exterior zippered pockets. Packing is simple with this bag thanks to the removable pouch for holding the small personal items.

Lightweight even when full with clothes
Great fabrics
Resistant to wear
The wheels glide effortlessly

It doesn’t fit the overhead bin easily
Outer pockets aren’t easy to access when full

2. Eagle Creek Load Hauler Expandable Luggage Review:

The best duffel bag is easy to haul, and by being within the size and weight limits of most international airline requirements when not over packed, the duffel bag makes it possible for you to travel across the world easily.

But, a good duffel bag such as this Eagle Creek Load Hauler Expandable Luggage is hard to come by. This duffel is worth mentioning because of the backpack straps so even without wheels it is still a good choice for traveling.

This luggage exceeds expectations in its quality and function. First off, as the name suggests, it is expandable which means that you can pick souvenirs along the way and throw them in the bag without worrying about running out of space.

The duffel bag’s main compartment expands from 49 liters to 57 liters. The expansion of this duffel bag comes from the zippered 360 degrees bottom expansion.

The bag also has multiple carrying options which include the zip-away backpack straps, the multiple grab handles, and the removable padded shoulder strap. This means that you will have total control over the bag in all conditions.

This duffel bag is also ultra-durable thanks to its design and construction using seamless composite fabrication with 450D Geo Ripstop as well as a 210D exoskeleton and a 450D Helix Poly. These fabrics make this bag strong and water repellent. The bartack reinforcements make the duffel bag stronger. The fabrics used in the bag’s construction are responsible for the bag’s maximum abrasion resistance and the high strength to weight ratio. Therefore, this is the most durable duffel bag on the market.

The bag also has lockable zippers that have easy-grip pulls. The presence of a safety zipper on the sternum strap means that this is the best bag for international travel and excursions.

The bag resists forces of wear and tear
It is lightweight
It fits in overhead bins
It has a large storage capacity

It doesn’t fit under the airplane seat

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