Best Luggage Sets 2018 – Top Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There is nothing that beats an adventurous spirit. No place will be impossible to travel to, well, unless your baggage lacks a safe and stylish home to stay in! By this, I mean that you have to get the best luggage that will hold all your essentials and souvenirs you’ll collect from a place – trust me, there will be many of these.

If your old luggage set is starting to embarrass you at the airport or if the wheels are squeaky and the whole set calls for an intervention, then, perhaps it’s time for one. The beauty of buying a new luggage set is that it will save you more money down the road and since current luggage sets meet the airline rules, it will help you cut down on airport fees. You will also be the most attractive traveler and isn’t that the best confidence booster?

Unfortunately, figuring out the kind of luggage to buy is challenging. You will get overwhelmed fast if you have to think about the sizes, styles, construction materials and the cost. Having made a few bad mistakes in the past and lost money, I came up with this review to help you do the right thing and to make the next 100 trips uneventful.

Here are the five best luggage sets on the market.

Best Luggage Sets 2018:

Luggage Name Dimensions Weight Size Price
1. Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set
(Editor’s Choice)
1. 19″ x 14.5 x 9.75
2. 24″ x 17.5 x 11.5
3. 28.5″ x 20.5 x 13.5
1. 6.8 lbs
2. 8.3 lbs
3. 10.4 lbs
1. Intl. Carry On
2. Checked “Medium”
3. Checked “Large”
[Check Price]
2. Travelpro Maxlite 4 3 Piece Softside Spinner Set 1. 21″ x 14 x 9
2. 25″ x 18 x 11
3. 29″ x 20 x 12
1. 5.9 lbs
2. 7.8 lbs
3. 8.6 lbs
1. Domestic Carry On
2. Checked “Medium”
3. Checked “Large”
[Check Price]
3. Merax P.E.T 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set 1. 21″ x 13″ x 9″
2. 25″x16″ x 10″
3. 29″ x 19″ x 11″(Wheels Included)
1. 6 lbs
2. 8 lbs
3. 10 lbs
1. Intl. Carry On
2. Checked “Medium”
3. Checked “Large”
[Check Price]
4. Steve Madden Luggage 4 Piece Softside Set
(3 Spinners + 1 Satchel)
1. 20″ x 13 x 9
2. 24″ x 15 x 10
3. 28″ x 17 x 11
4. 20″ x 18 x 12
1. 5 lbs
2. 7 lbs
3. 8 lbs
4. 3 lbs
1. Domestic Carry On
2. Checked “Medium”
3. Checked “Large”
4. Domestic Carry On
[Check Price]
5. Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set 1. 21″ x 14.5 x 9
2. 25″ x 17 x 10
3. 29″ x 19.5 x 11
1. 7.9 lbs
2. 9.3 lbs
3. 10.8 lbs
1. Domestic Carry On
2. Checked “Medium”
3. Checked “Large”
[Check Price]

1. Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Review:

Traveling is the best medicine for the body, mind, and soul. Meeting new people, living differently, breathing air with unique scents and enjoying different kinds of food change your life even for just a few days. To enjoy all these, whether your travel destination is hot, warm or freezing, you have to pack right. As a woman, I understand how hard it is to pack all your necessities, and I came across an excellent solution – the Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set.

A look at this set spells one thing out for you – it does look strong. The best part is that you get what you see. So, the appearance will not fool you. It is a production result of 100 percent polycarbonate, a tough plastic that withstands the harshest traveling conditions. The polycarbonate construction makes the cases ultra-light and scratch resistant.

The presence of the 360 degrees spinner wheels makes any one of the three cases able to hold all your books, clothes, shoes, travel documents and souvenirs. This ability also results from the case’s sturdy design.

Worried that you keep losing stuff whenever you travel? Not anymore. The Samsonite cases have TSA locks mounted on the sides for the highest level of security when traveling.

For some weird reason, the traveling bag feels bigger when heading back from our adventures, right? This awkwardness often leads to carrying an awkwardly shaped case or getting extra bags for carrying out belongings. This isn’t the case with these cases because of the expandable slot. The slot has a Micro diamond texture which scratch resistant. The expandable slot is black and matches the black casing. You’ll, therefore, enjoy the trip with the case looking even more beautiful when traveling back.

We all struggle with parking, and we can all agree that a parking organizer or divider makes the whole process easier. These cases have zippered interior dividers as well as cross straps which make for organized packing.

This set is a true definition of style, elegance, and value for money because the cases last a while.

Elegantly designed for every lady
The set is ideal for long travel durations
The cases are expandable and will accommodate souvenirs on your return trip
The set has a sturdy and a durable design
The spinner wheels run smoothly and carry heavy luggage with ease
The wheel replacements are affordable and easily available

You will need to replace the wheels frequently
The cases aren’t as light as they make you believe

2. Travelpro Maxlite 4 3 Piece Spinner Set Review:

Traveling is the best way of finding ourselves. It is the one thing you can do and come out of it a different person. Most lone lady travelers I have come across agree with me on this benefit of travel. We also found that we agree on something else, having the right traveling bags. These are hard to come by given the essentials we need to take with us on the road.

Constructed out of 100 percent polyester, this Travelpro Maxlite set of cases is as functional as is elegant. It has sturdy and easily maneuverable spinner wheels which make it easy to travel with heavy loads. The spinner wheels are maneuverable with ease because of the 360-degrees rotation angle.

The set has 11 single, lightweight and durable spinners and wheels. You can travel with this set anywhere around the world thanks to the water-resistant (repellent) coating on the inside and the outer side of the case.

The hardest part about pulling baggage case is getting blisters and other painful contusions on your hand because the handle is biting and uncomfortable. We have all been there, haven’t we? Well, this set is the end of this problem with its patented Contour Grip handle which offers a high level of comfort. The comfort from the handle doesn’t stop there. There is the telescoping handle which adds strength and the length of the cases. The handle stops at 38 inches, and if you are tall, you will enjoy the 42.5 inches provided by the telescoping handle.

For the protection of your belongings, the cases have protective wheel housing against crashing. Even with all the souvenirs, you have to take back home; the suitcase won’t feel excessively heavy because of the honeycomb system of framing at the bottom tray. Besides being lightweight, the framing also contributes to the durability of the case. Stability comes from the 2-inch tapered expansion.

If you buy more than the interior space can take, you can use the carry on pockets on the exterior. You also have the zippered compartment on the lid, and the side mesh pockets. Extra comfort and safety of your goodies result from the anti-break Duraflex buckles on the hold-down straps which are adjustable.

The luggage is lightweight, and they fit into each other simplifying storage
It has a durable construction
It is water resistant
It has high-quality wheels that move smoothly
The set has a sturdy construction, and the handles are comfortable


3. Merax 3 Piece P.E.T Luggage Set Lightweight Spinner Review:

If you just got your biggest international assignment and you’ll be away from home for a long time, then, you should already consider getting this luggage. Every lady knows how hard it is to pack because everything in your wardrobe somehow wants to travel too. So, rather than restricting the number of items, you’ll travel with, get the P.E.T by Merax.

This set of three provides a high level of functionality, reliability, comfort, and elegance. The organizational pockets on the interior simplify packing, and you can carry more or less depending on your needs. The interior of the P.E.T luggage has straps, and with the zippered pockets, you will carry just about everything you need.

For the protection of your belongings, the luggage comes with four unique bumper corners with riveted shells. These shells will protect your belongings while enhancing the durability of the luggage. Security is also integral when traveling, and the TSA-approved locks will make it possible for the US TSA to inspect your luggage and there will be no resultant damage to this locking mechanism.

The luggage is durable and lightweight thanks to the use of polycarbonate and ABS materials. For ease of movement, the luggage features an aluminum trolley and a spinner wheel. The wheel is multidirectional, quiet, and it has a sturdy ergonomic handle made of aluminum. The handle has a telescopic rod with three adjustable steps for a smoother ride.

The bag is highly functional and durable
It is lightweight
The interior straps and the pockets simplify packing and leave the luggage organized
The riveted shells protect your belongings and extend the lifetime of the luggage

It isn’t expandable

4. Steve Madden Luggage 4 Piece Set Review:

Traveling in style means having all your belongings in luggage that doesn’t just work well (by holding in everything) but also looks good when in use. Though this feels literal, it is what I believe to be my traveling style. This is only possible with the use of the best luggage on the market. The 4-piece Steve Madden Luggage is an example of traveling in style.

You may already know of Steve Madden’s fashion which is unique and highly sought after, to say the least. His style is also timeless, and this element is evident in this designer luggage set.

The luggage has a lightweight design which is more than anyone would ask for when you think of airline baggage fees. This weight is the result of the construction of the luggage using nylon. Nylon offers a high level of protection besides being lightweight and waterproof.

For stability when moving the luggage around, Steve Madden has 360-degree spinners in the wheels as well as a telescopic push-button handle system which simplifies use for different heights. The handles have an ergonomic design, and they will not hurt your hand when in use.

To simplify packing, every lady’s biggest nightmare, this stylish luggage has the interior fully lined with organizational pockets. The pockets also help in keeping the luggage tidy and as they say, lady-like.

This luggage has a trusted design see through the manufacturer’s incorporation of a 5-year warranty. When not in use, you can fit all the bags inside each other and into the bigger bag before stowing it all away. Unfortunately, the tote lacks wheels, and you’ll have to carry in your hands.

The set is beautiful, and it has an elegantly stitched design
The handle has an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip
The telescoping handle rod makes the luggage perfect for all heights
The luggage is lightweight
The 360-degrees spinner wheels make it highly maneuverable

The carry-on bag doesn’t have shoulder straps
The wheels wear off fast

5. Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3 Piece Spinner Set Review:

Whether you have made comprehensive arrangements for your accommodation in the destination country or you have all your travel documents ready, you are not ready to travel until you pack all your belongings. Even the so-called pack stuff, right?

This isn’t to say that you are not a light traveler but, to carry everything you need for your domestic or international trip, you have to have the best luggage. The luggage should withstand pressure and scratches from use, and it should also last more than a single voyage. It is hard to come by luggage that does all this and meets your expectations but, this 3-piece Traveler’s Choice Tasmania luggage is one of the best.

It is easy to push through airports quickly thanks to the aluminum push-button handle system which extends to a maximum height of 42 inches. The handle also has a self-locking system (telescopic). You can roll the luggage quietly and smoothly thanks to the dual spinner wheels.

You don’t have to worry about space because of the luggage’s clamshell opening that has an imprinted lining on the interior. The interior also has a U-shaped mesh cover plus tie-tapes that help secure your belongings. There also are two interior mesh pockets, zippered and a center pouch which make for better organization. You will also like the expansion gusset which gives you 25% more packing space.

Besides the sturdy clamshell luggage design, there is the top part, and the side carrying handles with internally supporting plates. These features make this luggage one of the strongest and the most durable ones on the market. The luggage is a 100 percent polycarbonate – the most durable hardside luggage material that lasts long. The material absorbs pressure from impact, and it is scratch resistant.

For security, the luggage comes with built-in TSA approved 3-dial Locking mechanism. It comes with a strap to simplify carrying any additional bags.

It has a durable clamshell construction, and it lasts long thanks to the polycarbonate construction
The wheels are easily maneuverable
The luggage is expandable and creates 25% additional space
It is comfortable thanks to the telescopic aluminum handle with a locking mechanism
It has an attractive design

It isn’t as light


Luggage Sets Buying Guide:

As mentioned above, the biggest challenge when it comes to luggage sets is finding the right luggage. The luggage set worth your money and one that will last a long time.

To help you make the right choice, here is a buying guide with a list of all the factors to consider before buying a luggage set:

How will you use the luggage?

  • Will you use the luggage for driving, flying, or cruising? If for driving, the luggage should be strong and able to withstand hard hits. It should be scratch resistant, and it should fit in the trunk as well. For flying, then you have to make sure that the luggage set adheres to the strictest rules established by airlines. Luggage for cruise ships should be stackable. You will also come across particular luggage sets for children, cameras or electronics, and for sports gear.

Hardside or softside luggage

While the market is full of softside luggage, hardside luggage is also gaining prominence because of the use of lightweight but durable materials in their construction.

  • Hardside luggage: Hardside luggage characterized by a hard shell is taking over the market because of the use of polycarbonate or ABS. These two components lead to the formation of durable and lightweight luggage. Though ABS is the lightest material of the two, polycarbonate is superior in terms of durability. Some hardside luggage feature aluminum but they are the heaviest. Therefore, they aren’t prevalent on the market. Another material used in hardside luggage is polypropylene. It is resilient, but it doesn’t beat polycarbonate. However, it is lighter and offers the protection needed for your belongings.Hardside luggage has a 50-50 split opening that lets you pack your contents on both sides. To stabilize your baggage, they have straps or dividers. They look like clam shells because of how they open. Unfortunately, these cases aren’t flexible, well, unless it comes with an expandable feature.
  • Softside luggage: These are softer thanks to their construction out of Cordura, woven nylon, polyester or ballistic nylon. While Cordura is abrasion resistant and softer, ballistic is shinier, tougher and abrades with use.

    Nylon, on the other hand, comes highly recommended because it is light and abrasion resistant. You have to be careful though – get a case made of ripstop or parachute nylon.

    Either of these two is a higher denier nylon which is stronger, heavier and durable. Polyester is the material in most cheap luggage sets.

    Softside cases are flexible, and you can pack in extra stuff. This flexibility is also helpful in storage.


  • Hardside cases fit into fixed spaces, and you cannot squeeze them in as you would the softside cases. Even when the set fits into each other, you will have to get enough space for the hardside luggage.


  • I can bet on the fact that you own at least one wheeled luggage. The wheels make it easy to travel when you have a lot of stuff, and you can carry extra stuff. There are two and four-wheeler suitcases. The two-wheelers are also called rollers, and you have to roll the suitcase behind you as you pull the handle. These can maneuver through cobblestones and sidewalks easily. The four-wheelers, on the other hand, have wheels that swivel at a 360 degrees angle. They are also called spinners, and you can pull, push or wheel them. The wheels turn in any direction, and such cases are easy to navigate especially in small spaces. The four-wheelers are also preferable because they don’t put any pressure on your shoulders as two-wheelers do. There also are eight-wheeler suitcases. Before choosing, make sure that the wheels are stable and sturdy. Online reviews will help you learn about the construction of the luggage set’s wheels.


  • A handle is an essential part of luggage. It should be adjustable to suit your height and comfortable to avoid hurting your hand. Ergonomic design is integral in luggage for the most comfortable grip. You should consider the fact that the comfort of handling the case should last through more than one trip.


  • You want to buy a luggage set that will last for years. Such set results from the use of durable materials in its construction. You should look out for the sets made using durable materials such as ballistic nylon or Cordura for softside luggage and polycarbonate or ABS for hardside luggage. User reviews usually shed more light on the durability of the suitcases. Rather than picking a luggage set blindly, take a look at the reviews and learn which the best set is from the experiences of others.

Airline luggage restrictions

  • With strict weight restrictions in airports, you will have to look for lightweight luggage sets; otherwise, when you exceed the weight limit, you will have to part with extra money. You should, therefore, know the airline’s average weight and size of luggage before picking out a set. This will also guide your packing.


  • You are traveling stylishly, aren’t you? Get luggage in a color that reflects your personality or at least one that makes you happy.


  • There is a broad range of prices for luggage sets, and you get what you pay for. Rather than looking at how cheap or expensive a set is, look at features the set offers. If the features of the luggage set meet your immediate and possible needs, then you can buy the set. As you check out the prices, be sure to look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer as well. Make sure that the set is affordable, durable, and convenient.


We have one beautiful thing in common, we both love traveling. Above that, we love traveling in style, and only a high-quality luggage set makes this better. Whether you travel for pleasure or work, you must do so with a durable, convenient, and an affordable luggage set.

With all the guidelines above, you have to take your time and research for you to find the set that will meet your needs. The best luggage set has all the features you can’t travel comfortably without. A luggage set is a big investment, choose wisely.

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