Best Luggage Scales Reviews 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

We have never liked to be embarrassed at airports and stuck with a situation of overweight. With cheap airlines and domestic and international travels, a lot of facilities have been checked out.

However, the airport authorities never miss a chance of charging you for carrying overweight luggage.

To save yourself the humiliation of getting picked out for overweight luggage, we have researched and compiled the best luggage scales that will turn out to be your truest friend in times of need.

Have a look so that the next time you set your foot out to travel, you are confident enough to travel without facing an embarrassing situation.

Best Luggage Scale:

Picture Scale Name Graduation Capacity Dimensions
1. Tarriss Luggage Scale

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0.2 lb / 0.1 kg 110 lb/50 kg 5.8 x 1.2 x 1.9 inches
2. Etekcity Luggage Scale

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0.1 lb / 0.05 kg 110 lb/50 kg 5.1 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches
3. EatSmart Luggage Scale

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0.1 lb / 0.1 kg 110 lb/50 kg 5.2 x 1 x 3.5 inches
4. Camry Luggage Scale

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0.1 lb / 50 g 110 lb/50 kg 5.1 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches
5. Swisste Luggage Scale

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0.2 lb / 0.1 kg 110 lb/50 kg 5.5 x 1.8 x 1.4 inches
6. Travel Inspira Luggage Scale

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0.2 lb / 0.1 kg 110 lb/50 kg 5.1 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches

Now… Let’s take a look at these reviews of our top-rated luggage scales.
Here you go:

1. Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale Review:

When talking about luggage scales, the first thing that comes to our mind is something small and easy to carry. This scale fits just that description.

I absolutely love the way it has been very compactly designed to not add to the weight of the luggage.

The measurements on the LCD screen, adding to the advantage, are very easy to read. I never had to squint my eyes or bend down closer to make out what is being displayed.

It has been custom made to shut off automatically after 30 seconds to save battery life.

The product has been well planned, keeping in mind each and every need of the user. For instance, it even has a capacity overload indicator that will indicate you whenever your luggage has crossed the scale limit.

Overall, the bottom line is that it has a stylish look that goes hand in hand with the features it has to offer.

2. Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale Review:

The Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale is surely a heart winner with a variety of features to offer.

Primarily it is very sturdy as well as durable and very confidently stands the test of time and travel. You can carry it along with you anywhere you go.

The measurements on display are easy to identify. It is also seconded by battery saving feature and overload indicators.

Some people might consider the strap of this scale to be a disadvantage. But let me tell you, however fragile it looks, it actually is very sturdy.

It is a justified alternative for the hook as it provides more accurate measurements and can be easily folded to fit into small spaces.

The scale automatically switches off to preserve battery as well as energy. The tare feature enables you to individually measure the weight of objects so that you can prioritize what to keep and what to leave behind.

3. EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale Review:

If you are someone who avoids paying overweight baggage fees, then this is just the scale for you.

You will simply need to clip it in the buckle or handle of your luggage and the readings will be at your disposal.

As easy as it is to use, its precision can also not be overlooked. It has a great fist design that makes it easier to lift heavy bags.

Due to its compact built, this pet can follow you anywhere you go and be useful with its presence.

It is amazingly accurate and takes only a few seconds to display the measurements after being weighed.

As simple it is to use, it is equally easy to manage this scale. The best of it all is its customer service. The company reverts back instantly even in cases of critical reviews to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied.

4. Camry 110 Lbs Luggage Scale Review:

In my opinion, this Camry Luggage Scale is one of the best digital luggage scales in its range.

It has a 14 LCD display that is assisted with a temperature sensor. What the temperature sensor does is that it displays the room temperature whenever you press the unit button.

This way, you know whether your fragile luggage is at the right temperature. It is very easy to carry it along with you on travels to far off lands.

This digital luggage is sleek and very handy. The clasp is very ergonomic and stays absolutely steady when taking a measurement.

Besides this, it is easy to store as well. Significantly though, what basically matters in a scale are the readings that they give and Camry luggage scale gives accurate readings for that matter.

This scale overall is affordable, easy to use and very much reliable. You won’t need any other scale once you have used this.

5. Swisste Luggage Scale w/ Tape Measure Review:

About this luggage scale, let me first tell you that you will be more than just satisfied once you have used it.

Yes, it does accurately provide measurements. But besides that, it is even equipped with a 3 feet tape for you to ensure that your bags also meet the airline size restrictions.

It boasts of an automatic lock function that instantly shows the readings of the weight. It also automatically shuts down to save on battery life.

The best thing about this scale is its readability. If you are at a place where there isn’t enough light to read, then the display’s background green light and large fonts will assist you.

Also in case of overloads, the indicator flashes a red light. You can comfortably carry it along on trips and ensure that you have only as much weight as you are required to carry and not a single item more.

6. Travel Inspira Digital Hanging Postal Luggage Scale Review:

This travel scale works very well. One of my colleagues had planned a round trip where he had to board on flights a few times and weigh and re-weigh his luggage quite a number of times.

It was then that this scale came real handy. Besides being very easy to carry, it gave accurate measurements that tallied with the airport check-ins every single time.

It is easy to read the measurements on this scale even in dim lights.

The thermometer that it is paired with gives readings in both Fahrenheit as well as Celsius, thus making it easier for you to know the temperature of the place that you are traveling in.

It has a good grip that does not let hand fatigue settle over your hands. Lastly, the tare feature is really helpful when you have to measure the weight of individual luggage.

Luggage Scale Buyer’s Guide:

How Does a Luggage Scale Work?

The operation and use of a travel scale to weigh your bags is “could not be more simple”: simply set the tare to zero then suspend your suitcase at the end of the hook. After a few seconds (without moving if possible) the weight will appear on the digital screen of this magical accessory.

You will have plenty of time to load with precision each bag so that their weight does not exceed the one allowed in the cabin or in the hold.

A lot of models can go up to 110 lbs (50 Kg). You should also know that there is a margin of tolerance when weighing your luggage, around 1 lb to 1.5 lb (500 to 700 grams).

Why Buying a Luggage Scale? (The Pros)

The first interest when buying a luggage scale is probably knowing the exact weight of your baggage.

It’s a precise accessory which will help you escape from the surprises and also avoid the excess weight of your bag.

In case your baggage exceeded the allowed weight, you will have to pay the overweight fee or simply reduce the weight by removing objects that are dear to you. Check out the weight limits in our luggage buyer’s guide before traveling.

At such harsh economic times, one would do anything to save an extra dollar. In addition to overweight luggage fees, many airlines today charge for each piece of checked luggage, which makes compact packing and lightweight very crucial today more than ever before. It´s true that one can pay exorbitantly high luggage fees in case one exceeds the required limit.

That’s why adopting the best luggage weight scale is a good choice to check the weight of your suitcase and your toddler’s bag.

Who among you has not weighed his suitcase before embarking on the body weight scale at home?

It is almost ineffective to measure the weight of your luggage with it, but time has changed. With the best handheld luggage scale, the weight of your suitcase is almost accurate.

It is a small effect and very convenient travel accessory. No need to use a bathroom scale! Not only, a travel luggage scale is easy to use, but it also offers an accurate measure.

A luggage weighing scale comes in several models and even easy to find the best luggage weighing scale that is less expensive. Seeing its cheap price, you will be ready to invest in this accessory rather than paying a huge amount due to the excess in luggage weight.

Why Choose a Portable Luggage Scale?

Portable luggage scales are very compact and lightweight which can also accompany you during your trip.

But before you head to the airport, be sure to know the weight of your luggage to avoid unpleasant surprises. That’s why using a reliable handheld weighing scale can be an interesting option.

Types of Luggage Scales

The market offers several types of weight scales for luggage, but what is the best travel luggage scale to choose? You have the choice between the mechanical luggage scale or the digital luggage scale.

Fans of new technologies will be delighted by our top-rated luggage scale with a very effective and aesthetic digital display at the same time. Also, check out the most accurate luggage scale from EatSmart.

For those who are in search of quality, this Victorinox luggage scale can satisfy you at all points.

For multipurpose scales, there are digital handheld scales with a meter integrated so that you can both weigh and measure your luggage.


You may wonder what is the best portable luggage scale to choose. You will find all sorts on the market from mechanical weighing scales to digital weighing scales at a low price.

To wrap-up, a luggage scale is light and it’s easy to find a reliable and accurate one with a good quality/price ratio.

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