Best Luggage Brands 2018 – Top Picks & Reviews

Choosing the best luggage brand can be difficult and that’s why we’ve written this guide and reviewed the most popular brands we may know they existed.


This is a super long and detailed article; if you just want to know which luggage brands us and our readers love the most…

…Here is a comparison table displaying our best luggage brands with a recommended top luggage for each brand:

Best Luggage Brands 2018:

Top Brands Top Luggage Dimensions Weight Size
1. Briggs & Riley Briggs & Riley Baseline Wide-Body 20″ x 15.5″ x 8″ 9.3 lbs International Carry-On
2. Eagle Creek Eagle Creek Exploration Series Tarmac 22″ x 14″ x 9″ 7.4 lbs Domestic Carry-On
3. Tumi Tumi Alpha 2 Continental 22″ x 16″ x 9″ 11.1 lbs Domestic Carry-On
4. Victorinox Victorinox Avolve 2.0 22″ x 13.75″ x 10″ 6.8 lbs Domestic Carry-On
5. Travelpro Travelpro Maxlite 4 Rollaboard 21″ x 14″ x 9″ 6 lbs Domestic Carry-On
6. Samsonite Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside 21″ x 15″ x 8″ 8.5 lbs Domestic Carry-On
7. Delsey Delsey Helium Aero Hardside 29″ x 19.5″ x 12.5″ 12.5 lbs Checked “Large”
8. American Tourister American Tourister Star Wars Hardside 21″ x 14.8″ x 9.5″ 6.1 lbs Domestic Carry-On
9. Kenneth Cole Reaction Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds Hardside 20″ x 13″ x 8.5″ 7 lbs International Carry-On
10. Ricardo Beverly Hills Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista Softside 24″ x 17″ x 9″ 8.9 lbs Checked “Medium”

Still not convinced?

So, let’s take a closer look at these luggage brands reviews one by one to clear your mind and help you choose what you really want…

10. Ricardo Beverly Hills:

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Brand

The price tag on this luggage can be as fancy as its name, depending on which piece you desire, but the majority of Ricardo luggage are affordable. Don’t be fooled by the name.

However, as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and the quality and detail of their pieces make it worth the penny or pennies (several).

9. Kenneth Cole Reaction:

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Brand

Kenneth Cole Reaction specializes in quality, innovation, and style. And with affordable prices which make it even more appealing to budget travelers without sacrificing the look.

Kenneth Cole Reaction is your way to go if you need a style that is both professional and casual, e.g., the messenger bags.

Purchasing a suitcase from this brand can be considered a long-term investment, especially if you travel a bit more than average. Or all you need is just a stylish briefcase to hold your personal belongings. Absolutely worth the money.

8. American Tourister:

American Tourister Luggage Brand

Acquired by Samsonite in 1993, today American Tourister is one of the most reputable brands in the world whose position has always been to manufacture luggage at low prices with the best quality.

Designed for young travelers and families, this brand’s luggage is accessible to all and have it all: bright colors, new ultra lightweight, quality finishes… All you have to do is to choose from their collection.

7. Delsey:

Delsey Paris Luggage Brand

Another great purchase for the price; lightweight, durable, and dependable. An ideal pick for the leisure traveler but will hold up for those that put a few more miles under their belts. This luggage can easily last you a few solid years. Delsey helps you to Pack Light and Travel Light!

6. Samsonite:

Samsonite Luggage Brand

Great quality at an affordable price, definitely a great value for your dollar. Sets can be purchased in a variety of fashionable colors. Durable, stylish, and affordable sums up this brand. Great for casual travelers.

5. Travelpro:

Travelpro Luggage Brand

Travelpro brand is one of the top choices for flight crews and for frequent travelers from business people to families.

Why they chose this brand than others is because of their highest quality crafted and innovative designs (simple but very classy you could not resist) and their durability (lasts forever).

Also, don’t forget that you will have all of this brand features at an affordable price which will make you as a customer always come back for more great deals.

4. Victorinox:

Victorinox Luggage Brand

Thanks to their ingenuity and their concern for the quality, the creators of the Victorinox luggage will still surprise you.

The founder of Swiss Army Knife with more than a century of experience will give the best value for your money. It’s highly recommended for the frequent travelers.

With a superb luggage quality, you just need to book your flight and go wherever you want. It will go throughout your travels quite nice and still remain its look.

Victorinox brand is not for you if you are on a budget, but don’t hesitate to put the cash on this luggage to get something spectacular. I really like the design especially for the hard-sided suitcases – they will make a great purchase if considering one for your next trip.

3. Tumi:

Tumi Luggage Brand

Tumi, at the gates of the luxury, is a brand of premium luggage, full of nobility which was intended originally only to the businessman with handkerchief or laptop bag, with a very sober design, that can easily cost you more than few hundred dollars.

Today, Tumi luggage collections spread with casual and female products (handbags, suitcases, toilet kits, backpacks….). You can get anything from above with the most reputed Alpha brand line.

Tumi is considered as a luxury luggage brand and that’s not known from its price (not recommended for budget travelers) but primary from its V3 features: Strength, High-performance, Functional. As a result, you will get an ultra-lightweight design and durable at the same time.

Thanks to its innovative power (FXT ballistic nylon, TUMI tracer, lever lock, Durafold…), Tumi luggage now target mixed Globetrotters, demanding and affluent worldwide. And that’s will explain why Tumi make it to this list as one of the best suitcase brands in this field.

2. Eagle Creek:

Eagle Creek Luggage Brand

Since 1975, Eagle Creek stands for functionality and sustainability.  Urban Nomad is proud to offer you a selection of lightweight luggage, hard-sided luggage, wheeled backpacks and Eagle Creek multi-functional bags.

If you are a fan of the lifetime warranty, Eagle Creek will give you one “No Matter What” with some products having this lifetime warranty. Whatever the cause of failure, Eagle Creek will repair or replace your product.

Discover a world of products that will make your travels pleasant and well organized. If you are an adventurous person who takes a lot of hikes and camping in nature, this brand will be the best fit for you as they are committed to sustainable development by parenting with Bluesign Technologies which guarantees the use of more sustainable materials in the manufacture of their products.

1. Briggs & Riley:

Briggs & Riley Luggage Brand

Briggs & Riley is the best luggage brand you only need to buy if you are a frequent traveler. You don’t have to research a lot of what you should get for your exhausting and frequent long trips anymore because this brand will do the job for you while you concentrate on enjoying your travels.

As mentioned with other brands in the list, Briggs & Riley have classic and simple designs and looks beautiful as always which makes choosing a luggage a lot easier than if there was a lot of colorful and different designs.

To pack your clothes and get to your destination wrinkle-free, this brand has an outsider handle which makes the whole telescoping handle mechanism outside the suitcase. By the way, this was a great feature but combined with the expansion-compression feature, which gives you an extra packing space then automatically compress the bag back to its initial size, will make this brand stand alone and the way to go.

Last but not least, Briggs & Riley customer service is extremely helpful when you need something to be solved for you, that’s why you will get a lifetime warranty that means fixing your suitcase will be always for free. Isn’t that great?

Finally, a domestic carry on suitcase from Briggs & Riley can cost you a hefty price tag “Check Price” which isn’t bad knowing the extreme quality it has in addition to its unbelievable features.

If you want to know all Briggs & Riley patents, you can read all the details in here.

What Types of Luggage Brands to Choose From?

What kind of traveler are you? The choice of a new luggage brand will depend on several criteria.

First, the frequency at which you intend to travel: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually … It is important to determine it. If you travel only occasionally, it is true that putting 400$ into a suitcase is not necessarily required.

Conversely, if you travel frequently for work or pleasure, you’ll save when choosing directly from good luggage brands (Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek, Tumi …), and therefore the quality, rather than several less known brands.

Choose a high-end luggage you will use repeatedly without fear it will deteriorate. A cheaper suitcase may definitely be practical and convenient for occasional trips but will be necessarily less quality than a high-end suitcase.

The second criterion to consider is the destination of your travels. Some luggage brands, such as Samsonite, have developed a unique material: Curv, ultra-resistant even at very low temperatures.

It’s not every day you land in Alaska, but it can be handy if you do. Careful to choose a high-end luggage, if you count having to walk to the countryside so that the wheels do not break after a week.

Best Affordable Luggage Brands:

If you are looking for luggage with a very good price/quality ratio, choose a Lucas luggage, a Ciao luggage, a Travelon luggage, a Hello Kitty luggage or an Under Armour luggage. Each brand offers functional, handy and comfortable suitcases to suit a wide target.

You will find among these brands and many others: Utopia Home, Always On Roll, Kroeus, Mobile Edge… modern luggage and trends at very attractive prices. These bags are intended for occasional or everyday use, according to your wishes.

Medium/ High-End Luggage Brands:

If you want to target a higher notch still without breaking the bank, opt for an American Tourister luggage which has expertise from a giant like Samsonite. Also, brands like Victorinox or Delsey have an insane expertise in the field.

Do you want a printed suitcase, colorful and trendy design? Discover the authentic Rockland luggage, Samsonite luggage, Disney luggage “best for kids” or Saxoline luggage!

Are you more athletic? Why not JanSport, Kipling or Eastpak? Looking for a suitcase for business use? Choose a Timbuk2 messenger bag, a Kenneth Cole Reaction laptop bag, or a Targus laptop bag. For school? Check North Face backpacks.

Among the recognized brands of luggage market, we obviously account Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek, Genius Pack, Travelpro, Traveler’s Choice, Ricardo Beverly Hills, Lipault.

Luxury Luggage Brands:

For travelers looking for luxury and excellence, enjoy the pure perfection with recognized and sophisticated brands, such as Tumi, Hartmann, Rimowa, Porsche Driver’s Selection, Alfred Dunhill, Globe-Trotter or Ralph Lauren.

Luxury suitcases are preparing for a premium customer who wishes to travel while nursing his pace. The Tumi luggage, Hartmann luggage, Rimowa luggage, etc… have a simple and very stylish design. Full of nobility, they fit for wealthy globetrotters or those wishing to have fun and focus on quality.

Top-Rated Luggage Brands By Other Sites

Consumer Reports did a survey from January through March 2016 on the top luggage brands. The survey revealed that durability and wheel-ability (4 wheels better than 2) are the top two attributes their subscribers look for in their luggage.

Suitcases are treated very roughly when checking them on airlines, so the durability factor is probably the most important to consider.  And you don’t want to be lugging a clumsy suitcase while if you’re running through an airport trying not to miss your connecting flight!

The rankings were classified under two luggage brands lists: a list for midsize/large suitcases and a list of carry-on suitcases.

Over 27,191 Consumer Reports subscribers responded to the survey, which revealed some surprising results:

American Tourister brand ranked near the bottom of the list, whereas Briggs & Riley and Eagle Creek were ranked at the top in the midsize and large suitcases list. Also, Briggs and Riley got high marks in the carry-on suitcases list.

The Luggage List did their ratings of the most popular luggage brands and narrowed their findings down to the 10 best:

  1. Samsonite
  2. Tumi
  3. Briggs & Riley
  4. Timberland
  5. Nautica
  6. Travelpro
  7. Delsey
  8. Traveler’s Choice
  9. Olympia
  10. Anne Klein

Luggage on Tour from their part compiled the following list of good quality luggage brands:

  • Rockland
  • Samsonite
  • Delsey
  • Pierre Cardin
  • American Tourister
  • Athalon
  • TravelPro
  • Briggs & Riley
  • WallyBags
  • US Traveler

In the next section, we have compiled an ultimate list of luggage brands you could choose from or check at least; with an overview for each brand.

Luggage Brands List:

Adidas Bags

Since the 1920s, the 3 Stripes Brand has been synonymous with sports. Throughout the years, many of the greatest athletes have come to Adidas because of the quality products offered, like the Adidas backpacks collection. From Adidas backpacks to soccer bags to gym bags, Adidas has the style and function you’re looking for!

Ameribag Bags

Unlike ordinary bags, the patented Healthy Back Bag from the Ameribags Bags company has been designed to hang asymmetrically, contouring the curve of your back naturally and reducing pressure points that cause stress. Sling Back Packs. Ameribags bags are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

American Angel Handbags (Vintage)

American Angel handbags are made from the finest materials. The different tone variations, as well as the healed marks on the leather, are natural enhancements, proving the authenticity of all full grain hides. Only the finest leather hides go through the special process American Angel handbags use to create leather that has a tactile quality, strength, character, and grain.

American Outdoorsman Bags

Handcrafted, hand sewn, and constructed of heavy duty cotton duck canvas and Norseman leather. American Outdoorsman bags bring pride to the words “Made in the U.S.A.” American Outdoorsman bags offer the finest quality adventure travel luggage, sportsmen bags, shooting products and accessories available to people on the go today.

American Tourister Luggage

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, American Tourister luggage has everything you need. Its strong commitment to quality construction and innovation continues to bring you luggage that makes your travels easier. American Tourister luggage – faithfully by your side since 1933.

Andiamo Luggage

Andiamo luggage is an American manufacturer with a 25-year reputation for producing quality luggage. Their mission is to provide frequent travelers with the ultimate in durability, convenience, and style. All Andiamo luggage is made in the USA with a unique combination of craftsmanship, state of the art technology and pride. Andiamo Luggage – the choice for frequent travelers.

Atlantic Luggage

For over eighty years, Atlantic Luggage has focused on one goal: making luggage that makes traveling easier; easier to pack and easier to move. Atlantic Luggage is committed to improving your packing and traveling experiences by making innovation useful, attractive and affordable.

Aurielle-Carryland Bags

Aurielle-Carryland bags are known for great fashion, function, and quality — all at moderate prices. Discover the Aurielle-Carryland bags collection for yourself today!

Beverly Hills Polo Club Bags

Beverly Hills Polo Club bags are reflective of the relaxed California lifestyle. The Beverly Hills Polo Club bags collection is centered on updated, contemporary styles that emphasize comfort, quality, and tradition. Globally recognized, Beverly Hills Polo Club bags are your answer for brand name handbags.

Boyt Luggage

Boyt Luggage products are built to stand up to the assaults of bellhops, skycaps, and all of the other rigors of modern day travel. The Boyt Luggage collection offers understated elegance, superb attention to detail and flawless execution.

Brenthaven Luggage

In 1980 Brenthaven Luggage began designing and manufacturing wilderness packs built to survive the extreme conditions of the outdoors. Today, Brenthaven Luggage designs and makes computer cases built to withstand the rigors of the mobile business world. Each case and backpack are carefully designed and manufactured to tame gravity and enhance mobility.

Bric’s Luggage

Made in Italy, Bric’s Luggage represents Italian artistry, quality, and craftsmanship. Bric’s Luggage will compliment your travel, business and everyday lifestyle for years to come.

Briggs and Riley Luggage

Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re packing, Briggs and Riley Luggage has a Travel Solution. Each bag and accessory include unique features and details designed to help you pack smarter. The “Simple as That” warranty offered by Briggs and Riley Luggage can’t be beaten.

Bucky Pillows

Bucky Pillows and Comfort Accessories – On the road, in the air, at home, Bucky Pillows promise a private oasis of comfort and calm from the clatter and the rush of everyday life!

Calpak Backpacks

CalPak is quickly making a name for itself with innovative, functional and stylish rolling Backpacks & duffels at incredible prices. With state-of-the-art wheel and handle systems and guaranteed-to-last fabrics, CalPak Backpacks are “Always By Your Side.” Check one out today!

Camelbak Packs

Hydrate or Die – CamelBak Packs mantra is hardly an exaggeration. As the originators of the hydration category, they’ve spent more than a decade developing systems which allow CamelBak Packs users to access their water quickly and easily. All CamelBak Packs products are tested with pro and amateur athletes and adventurers, so that they’re sure to survive your adventures, too!

Chrome Bags

Chrome Bags is a manufacturer of weatherproof messengers, DJ and shoulder bags. Discover the Chrome collection for yourself today!

Clava Luggage

Clava Luggage is a family owned and operated business with nearly 20 years of experience. What began with one single bag has grown to hundreds of styles and a nationwide customer following. Clava Luggage provides customers with the best leather bags at best possible value. Experienced craftsmen work with pride and meticulous detail to produce Clava Luggage products.

Clive Backpacks (Vintage)

Clive Backpacks are the backpack and bag specialist in the skateboard, snowboard and surf markets. Clive Backpacks are dedicated to innovating and evolving today’s carry-all culture. Clive Backpacks are committed to making the most comfortable backpacks and travel bags in the world, for both sport and everyday use.

Columbia Backpacks

Founded in 1938, the Columbia backpacks and sportswear collection has grown from a small family-owned hat distributorship to one of the world’s largest outdoor brands. Columbia’s extensive Adventure Gear line includes a wide variety of Columbia backpacks, travel & gear duffels, travel packs, travel accessories and more. Go on, outfit yourself with the Columbia bags collection!

Crumpler Bags

Crumpler Bags, developed by Stu Crumpler, is a slightly irreverent, high-quality designer of messenger, shoulder and camera bags, brought to the U.S. from Australia. In the words of Crumpler: “Crumpler Bags not only look good, they are made good.” These are not the type to puncture or tear easily, they have airline strength buckles to make sure everything stays in your bag – no ifs, no buts.

Dakine Packs

Dakine Packs feature functional design and durable materials – to provide the serious skater with the bag of choice. Technical features are intended to cover all of the skater’s essential needs.

Dakota Luggage (Vintage)

Dakota Luggage – Forward Motion, Forward Thinking. Dakota Luggage is the progressive collection for people on the move. The Dakota Luggage collection features quality materials, innovative designs, and the latest sophisticated styling.

Del Mano Handbags

Del Mano handbags are designed for the woman that enjoys a seasonal change or great functional utility at affordable prices. Browse the Del Mano handbags collection online today!

Delsey Luggage

Founded in Paris in 1946 by the Delahaye brothers and the Seynhaeve family, Delsey became the premier European manufacturer of leather camera bags and cases. Delsey quickly expanded its distribution network throughout and beyond Europe. Today, Delsey brand is one of the largest luggage companies in Europe and worldwide.

Derek Alexander Handbags

Canadian made, the exciting Derek Alexander handbags line suits all needs and tastes. All Derek Alexander bags are made using full top grain cowhide that is slowly rolled in vegetable-based dyes and other natural tanning agents to provide rich character and a great touch. Derek Alexander handbags – unique designs that focus on classic styling and function.

Eagle Creek Luggage

Eagle Creek Luggage has been a leading travel outfitter for the past 25 years and has mastered the art of packing. From Eagle Creek luggage to backpacks and packing aids, every item is designed to make your travels easier. From adventure travel to business travel, Eagle Creek luggage has everything you’ll need.

Eastpak Backpacks

Eastpak Backpacks are back! New styles and colors, with that great value and quality that Eastpak Backpacks have known the world over for. Eastpak Backpacks – they’re “Built to Resist!”

Ego Handbags (Vintage)

Ego bags are your answer for freshness and creativity in handbags! Ego bags only use the finest leathers and other unique materials to create functional and fashionable bags that are at home in both the corporate and casual worlds.

Ellington Bags (Vintage)

A gift from Ellington bags says you went out of your way to find something distinctive, individual and uncommon. From their smallest wallet to the roomiest briefcase, quality weaves through every detail. Whatever you are searching for, the Ellington bags commitment to service never ends.

Etienne Aigner Handbags

Etienne Aigner handbags classic designs transcend time as they are styled and crafted as a versatile accessory that will adapt to a women’s lifestyle, season after season, yet have a distinctive enough look to reflect her individual style. Etienne Aigner handbags have lots of pockets and compartments to keep organized in an increasingly complex world.

French Luggage (Vintage)

Since 1946, The French Luggage Company has been known for their premier luggage collection. French Luggage creates products for those with the taste and the means to demand the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available.

Gravis Bags

As professionals and travelers, Gravis has a passion for bags that match their passion for footwear. The message is the same – but the medium is very different, and way more organized!

Hartmann Luggage

Hartmann has been committed to product excellence and customer satisfaction for over 120 years. Hartmann Luggage offers the finest luggage, briefcases, and leather goods. From sophisticated classic to downtown chic, Hartmann Luggage has the products to project your professional personality.

High Sierra Luggage

As the official bag supplier to the U.S. Ski Team, High Sierra Luggage is charged with making bags to the rigorous standards of pros. High Sierra Luggage has become known for packing their products with more features for the money than any other maker in the outdoor industry. The High Sierra Luggage collection combines the style, quality, and versatility you’ll need to make the most of all your travels.

Hobo Bags

The Hobo bags collection offers solutions to the challenges of your everyday voyages. From exclusive micro dura-fiber to quality leather and unique fabric, the Hobo bags collection combines innovative and quality materials with designs that meet the real demands of your life.

Julia Duren Bags (Vintage)

J Duren Bags occupy a very particular niche in the world of handbags. High grade and soft butter leather, expert workmanship, fully leather lined interiors and absence of hardware. J Duren Bags are never out of style with their quality and understated elegance. No computerized machines or assembly lines – J Duren Bags are completely hand tooled.

J P Ourse & Cie Bags

J P Ourse & Cie Bags have been producing superior quality leather goods for over a decade. J P Ourse & Cie Bags strive to create original designs that are functional as well as fashionable. J P Ourse & Cie Bags are drum dyed, so that the color is intensely saturated throughout the hide, and will not rub off or fade. Each item is handcrafted to ensure lasting quality and durability.

Jack Georges Cases

Jack Georges Cases have a simple goal – to create a fine selection of unique business cases and accessories, manufactured in the USA, that are functional in design and of the highest quality and value. The Jack Georges Cases collection includes briefcases, computer Cases, and totes.

Jansport Backpacks

At JanSport Backpacks, they’ve lived and breathed backpacks since 1967. The innovative, unique & comfortable JanSport Backpacks designs have made them the undisputed market leader worldwide. Check JanSport Backpacks out today – you’re sure to find a bag that fits your personality!

Kelty Luggage

The Kelty Luggage story began back in 1952 when Dick Kelty started making backpacks for his friends in the Sierra Club. These packs revolutionized backpacking, implementing for the first time Kelty’s ideas of a hip belt and a lighter aluminum frame. Soon, Kelty and his friends were exploring the Sierra Nevadas with heavier loads, no shoulder pain, going farther and happier into the wilderness than before. Today, Kelty Luggage promises the same dedication to innovation and getting outdoors that Dick Kelty had all those years ago!

Kenneth Cole Luggage

The Kenneth Cole Luggage selection is sleek and contemporary, yet extremely organized and durable. There is no sacrifice of style for functionality with the Kenneth Cole Luggage collection.

Kipling Luggage

The Kipling Luggage brand emerged in 1987 from Belgium with the concept that backpacks and bags should be stylish, colorful and fun as well as functional. Filling a void in the European bag and luggage market, the Kipling Luggage concept quickly caught on. Kipling Luggage also became a favorite among celebrities and had been featured on top-rated television programs.

Kulanui of Hawaii Bags (Vintage)

Relax and immerse yourself in the spirit of the islands with the wide variety of colors, materials, and styles from Kulanui of Hawaii Bags. This fantastic Kulanui of Hawaii Bags collection, while diverse in styling, shares a common trait: a commitment to quality and value.

Lancel Luggage

Since 1876, Lancel Luggage has been making exquisite leather goods and travel gear for the discriminating traveler. Each Lancel Luggage product is carefully handcrafted in France using high quality, unique materials. Discover the Lancel Luggage collection today!

Lark Luggage (Vintage)

Lark Luggage has been making quality luggage for frequent travelers since the 1950’s. The Lark Luggage collection is attractive and extremely light-weight, yet very durable.

Liza Ganz (Vintage)

The success of Liza Ganz handbags has been attributed to the selection of carefully chosen leathers that are soft and supple in the latest fashionable palettes. The selection of leather and hardware used for the Liza Ganz handbags collection change with each season. Liza Ganz handbags have been featured in fashion publications throughout the world.

Lodis Luggage

Lodis Luggage offers a stylish and durable collection of briefcases, computer bags and fine leather goods for business and travel. For over three decades, Lodis Luggage has been manufacturing sleek, luxurious and practical leather goods for business, leisure and everyday use.

Lucas Luggage

Lucas Luggage – a blend of innovative function and durable construction that ensures many years of travel. Most Lucas Luggage styles E-X-P-A-N-D for added versatility. Discover the Lucas Luggage collection of lightweight, yet durable, travel bags today!

Marlo Handbags

Marlo handbags have been the hallmark of quality and value in the handbag and accessory industry for 70 years! Marlo handbags offer an unbeatable combination of quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and an extensive selection. Marlo handbags – accessories the way they should be!

Maxx New York Bags (Vintage)

Maxx New York Bags fill a significant void by allowing the expression of individuality. Maxx New York Bags provide the customer with function and a great contemporary feel reflecting fresh, fun styling.

McKlein Luggage

McKlein is designed with a philosophy that is inspired by the demanding needs of the modern professional. Rather than having their cases designed by focus groups, McKlein Luggage is developed by focused craftsmen who pay detailed attention to the high-intensity nature of modern travel and the demands of the modern professional. To appreciate McKlein Luggage, one need only look to the inspiration that drives their vision among each and every case beginning from the finest detail to the entire product.

Mercury Luggage

Mercury Luggage has had over one hundred years of experience in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of luggage including bags and duffels. For the outdoor enthusiast, Mercury Luggage offers backpacks and duffels for outdoor adventures.

Mountainsmith Backpacks

For more than 20 years, Mountainsmith Backpacks have been designed to “go where you go.” Mountainsmith Backpacks are incredibly comfortable and versatile — for hiking, climbing, running, biking and urban adventures. Mountainsmith Backpacks will soon be a favorite of yours, too!

Mulholland Brothers Luggage (Vintage)

It’s been said that the journey is as significant as the arrival. The folks at Mulholland Brothers Luggage celebrate this idea by creating luxurious leather goods. Each piece of Mulholland Brothers Luggage is meticulously handcrafted with relentless attention to detail. Based in San Francisco, this American-made brand uses rich leathers and high-quality threads to create exceptional products.

National Geographic Luggage

Discover National Geographic’s new line of bags and luggage – field tested by their own photographers and filmmakers! The National Geographic Luggage collection could bring out the explorer in you too!

North Face Backpacks

For 35 years, North Face Backpacks have been the outdoor industry leader in performance apparel and gear. Their innovative products are the choice of many of the world’s most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, and explorers. North Face Backpacks are committed to pushing the limits of design so that you can push your limits outdoors.

Ogio Bags

From the Original Locker Bag in 1987 to unique duffels, gym bags, backpacks and golf bags, Ogio Bags have always worked overtime to break the mold. Ogio bags are packed with tons of sport and function-inspired features making them ready for anything modern man can throw at them, or in them. Ogio bags portray aggressiveness, vigor and a love for life!

Pathfinder Luggage

Pathfinder Luggage pack innovation, technology, and style into all of their products. From the inside out, Pathfinder Luggage is dedicated to manufacturing the most innovative and high-quality luggage in the industry. All Pathfinder components, materials and construction designs are thoroughly tested so you can be confident that you have purchased the best quality luggage on the market, at any price.

Perlina Handbags (Vintage)

Perlina handbags provide women with options – intelligent solutions to everyday problems. Each of the Perlina handbags, purses, briefcases, wallets, cosmetic cases, cellular phone protectors, and agendas are designed with optimum functionality in mind. Ingenious compartments, innovative closures, and multipurpose details are the hallmarks of this savvy collection of indispensables.

Phat Farm Backpacks

Founded by Russell Simmons in 1992, Phat Farm Backpacks take the best of mainstream culture and infuse it with aspirations of sophisticated American youth. This mixture gives Phat Farm Backpacks a universal appeal that makes the brand a classic. Phat Farm Backpacks feature high quality and detailed designs that represent the lifestyle of those who strive for the best.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage

Since its start in 1978, Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage has been dedicated to providing stylish, top quality luggage with value packed into every inch. You expect more from Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage — more fashion, more quality, more value — and Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage delivers.

Roots Backpacks

Founded in Toronto in 1973, Roots Backpacks are best known for outfitting Olympic teams from around the world. Roots Backpacks are engineered with innovations that keep the student and adventure seeker moving ahead of the pack.

Samsonite Luggage

Since its start in 1910, Samsonite luggage has continued to be a name you can trust for durability, security, and style. Throughout the years, Samsonite luggage has faithfully pursued one goal: to create reliable, durable, top-quality products. With a tradition of innovation, Samsonite luggage offers leading-edge functionality and features combined with contemporary aesthetics and design.

Schlesinger Briefcases (Vintage)

Handcrafted since 1919, Schlesinger briefcases are the epitome of quality, style, and function. All Schlesinger briefcases feature full-grain leathers that are not only strong and durable but also feature natural markings that contribute to their aesthetic appeal. Each case is cut, matched and crafted by hand.

Seward Trunks

If you’re looking for a trunk that will give you more, take a look at the Seward Trunks collection. You will find Seward Trunks in offices, living rooms, dorms, dens, and bedrooms. Each product in the Seward Trunks collection is built in America with the craftsmanship, care, and quality that made the Seward famous.

Skyway Luggage

Skyway Luggage takes great pride in providing consumers with stylish, highly functional luggage at a superb value. Inventing innovative travel solutions has been a driving concept for Skyway Luggage since 1910, as well as recognizing and responding to the changing needs of today’s travelers. From rolling luggage to garment bags and complete sets, Skyway Luggage offers some of the best values around.

Sumdex Cases

Sumdex Cases is a world class manufacturer of computer laptop, leather, backpack, hard-side, overnight, entertainment, digital camera, PDA cases and travel accessories. Sumdex Cases offer timeless design and quality at affordable prices.

Tignanello Handbags

Tignanello Handbags shop the globe for top quality materials to make the best-looking, most luxurious leather products possible. Tignanello Handbags are made to last with strong stitching, sturdy clasps, and durable zippers. Smart and stylish but oh so functional. Tignanello Handbags creates bags with you in mind. Organized, roomy and comfortable – for home or travel, work or play.

Timberland Luggage

Each expertly made piece of Timberland luggage is built with respect for the time-honored methods of craftsmanship and the finest adventure-tested materials. Timberland luggage offers a rugged, organized, and sporty collection of travel gear.

Timbuk2 Bags

The Timbuk2 bags brand has been making custom-built messenger bags since 1989, without the use of sweatshops or the term “product units.” The Timbuk2 bags collection is messenger-designed and civilian-approved!

Trager Backpacks (Vintage)

Trager Backpacks believe the most essential travel accessory you can own is the bag you carry with you every day, everywhere…whether it’s trekking across an urban campus, jetting halfway around the world for business, or fishing on the mighty Wenatchee River. Making bags that special is their focus, their strength, and their commitment. You’ll find the Trager Backpacks label on nothing less.

Travelon Bags

Travelon Bags has been producing travel products for more than 20 years. Travelon Luggage is committed to making travel easier by coming up with innovative solutions to meet the needs of today’s travelers. Discover the Travelon collection today and find out how their features that will assist you in your travels.

Travelpro Luggage

With each passing year, Travelpro Luggage continues to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the traveling public. Travelpro Luggage has a reputation built on the most contemporary designs, light-weight materials, nearly indestructible frame construction, and durable, top quality components. More than 425,000 flight crew members worldwide put Travelpro Luggage to the test, day in and day out.

Triple Five Soul Backpacks

World-renowned for their effortless combination of style, innovation, and functionality, Triple 5 Soul backpacks and bags are designed to function and look great in nearly every environment presented by the ubiquitous T5 lifestyle.

Tumi Luggage

Tumi Luggage has a total commitment to design excellence. From the largest Wheel-A-Way packing case to the smallest accessory, all Tumi Luggage products are intended to meet the needs of the most demanding traveler. The Tumi Luggage collection has re-engineered handles, strengthened frames, streamlined silhouettes, and design refinements.

US Luggage

US Luggage bags feature quality materials and unique designs all at a reasonable price. US Luggage offers a full collection of well-designed business and computer cases, both with and without wheels.

Victorinox Luggage

Victorinox Swiss Army Luggage – from the makers of The Original Swiss Army knife. Each piece is designed to meet the highest standards of quality, design, and sophisticated style. Whether your life’s adventures are focused in urban jungles or untamed wilderness, Victorinox Swiss Army Luggage will carry your essentials safely, securely, and with style.

Vanguard Luggage

The Vanguard Luggage collection offers the best in style and protection. The distinctive design of Vanguard Luggage incorporates sheer elegance with optimum protection and functionality.

Wally Bags

The Original Wally Bags are now available to purchase on the Internet. These lightweight garment bags can hold up to eight garments plus have pockets for your accessories. No need to buy special hangers because Wally Bags use the original hanger clamping system to secure your hangers in place. Hangers and clothes can’t fall to the bottom of your bag. Take a look at the latest products from Wally Bags today and find out why they make for great traveling companions!

Yak Pak Messenger Bags

Yak Pak Messenger Bags is a leading designer and manufacturer of bags, packs, and accessories. Since its inception, Yak Pak Messenger Bags has stayed true to its mission of developing innovative, high-quality products that combine contemporary styling with utilitarian design.

Zero Halliburton Cases

The Zero Halliburton Cases collection features aircraft-quality and heat-tempered aluminum cases, providing exceptional strength with a unique, sleek look. Zero Halliburton Cases offer an extensive line of distinctive products that meet and exceed any travel case need you have.


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In the end, the brands mentioned in the post are good enough to check.

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