Best Lightweight Luggage 2018 – Top Reviews

Life is a beautiful journey, let nothing hold you back. This is my mantra; having been to many travel destinations. Through my experiences, I learned that the best way to enjoy a trip is by carrying a bag you can carry – something lightweight with a sturdy handle that will hold firmly even when my bag is overflowing with goodies. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Africa, Paris or going on a business trip in Japan.

By being lightweight, the luggage should be robustly designed to withstand use in areas with rough terrain. Whether it is a carry-on or checked luggage, it should last more than one trip.

Getting such luggage online is challenging given the overwhelming number of lightweight and deceivingly ‘lightweight’ luggage. It takes experience, research and a little help from other users (online reviews) to determine the best lightweight luggage.

After years of travel and bad experiences with poorly designed lightweight luggage, here is a list of the five best lightweight bags you may want to buy.

Best Lightweight Luggage 2018:

Luggage NameDimensionsWeightSize 
1. Eagle Creek Load Warrior Softside22″ x 14″ x 9″4.8 lbsDomestic Carry On Check Price
2. eBags Fortis Hardside Spinner22″ x 14″ x 9″6.44 lbsDomestic Carry On Check Price
3. Ricardo Malibu Bay Softside Spinner20″ x 14″ x 8″5.6 lbsInternational Carry On Check Price
4. Travelpro Maxlite 4 Softside Spinner25″ x 18″ x 11″7.8 lbsChecked “Medium” Check Price
5. Tumi V3 Short Trip Hardside Spinner26″ x 17.5″ x 10″8.2 lbsChecked “Medium” Check Price

1. Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22 Inch Carry-On Luggage Review:

With how things are at work and home, it is easy to burn out. At some point, your body, mind, and soul will give in, and you’ll take that break. Rather than being a couch potato or visiting a beach you have been to before, take a leap of faith, get lightweight luggage and set out on an adventure to a place never heard of before. Having been down that lane before, I know that the trip will do you good.

To make the experience much better, you will want to buy this Eagle Creek Load Warrior Carry-On Luggage. It’s made out of the highest quality and abrasion resistant fabrics – a 45-D Geo Ripstop nylon and 450d Helix Poly. There also is the use of a reinforced Hypalon material for superior protection. The geo ripstop and other ballistic materials (nylon) have bartack reinforcement for robustness. The ripstop is water repellent making this the absolute best outdoor carry-on luggage.

The skeleton is a 210D exoskeleton. With these construction features, this carry-on will weather through the toughest conditions with ease. Reinforcement at the weak points and the seamless composite fabrication makes trekking through rough terrains possible. The bag will handle falls, scratches and being sat on. The bag has a high strength to weight ratio.

You can roll it with ease thanks to the oversized tread wheels that have a protective housing for longevity and high efficiency. The wheels also have a durable kick plate that offers a high level of protection and stability.

You’ll get souvenirs on the way, and this carry-on will make sure that you don’t leave anything behind thanks to its expandability. It also has an equipment keeper which helps in strapping extra gear to the top of the bag. There are lash points on the bag and these help in gear attachments. The lockable zippers that have reflective pulls contribute in keeping your gear secure.

Fun is an important part of an adventure; otherwise, it wouldn’t be an adventure. This means that you may want to pop a cold one on the road. This carry-on is a utilitarian and adventurous, to say the least as it comes ready for fun with its Porter Key bottle opener. Yup, you will get to down that beers as you drink in the beautiful sunset.

Its versatility comes from the fact that the carry-on has multiple haul points and handles making this the best grab-and-go bag.

With all these features, this bag takes the crown for the most lightweight luggage on the market. To top all that, it has a ‘No Matter What’ warranty.

It is lightweight but robust
It is very durable
It is spacious
It is water repellent and will hold well when used outdoors
It has extra packing space, and it is expandable
It has a warranty covering everything

You cannot wear it as a backpack
The zipper doesn’t go all the way down

2. eBags Fortis 22″ Hardside Spinner Carry-On Review:

If you are going for a short business trip, then you have to make sure that you enjoy the whole journey from your home, through the airport and to your destination. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to enjoy any of part of the journey if your carry-on bag is heavy and pulling you down. Being tired makes you edgy, and you will not enjoy the trip. To enjoy it, you may want to get this lightweight eBags Fortis Spinner carry on.

It has a Bayer Makrolon 100 percent polycarbonate construction. The polycarbonate makes up the shell, and it is the reason for the durability plus the lightweight of this carry-on. It has an attractive mirror finish combined with a raised rib design that provides the best shine. The finish reduces the appearance of abrasions caused by everyday wear and tear.

This carry-on will feel better than your best friend at the airport, train or bus station since it will move smoothly and silently without announcing your presence. This is possible because of the premium double-wheeled Hinomoto casters which are recessed lowering the bag’s center of gravity, enhancing stability and better maneuverability.

For the safety of your belongings, the carry-on has straps to hold everything in place. It also has #8 self-healing coil zipper integrates that come with the 3-dial combination lock for safe keeping. The integrates also accept the use of traditional padlocks. Secure packing also results from the Flush-Mounted Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) 3-dial locking combination.

This carry-on is ultralight and perfect for business trips
It is a polycarbonate hardside, and it is durable
It has a high-quality and a classy design
It is affordable
The Hinomoto casters on the double spinner wheels make it stable and highly maneuverable

It is not expandable

3. Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay 20 Carry-on Spinner Review:

If you are planning to take your vacation soon, you may want to make plans early. In your list of things to do before the vacation is buying a lightweight carry-on bag. Why – you need to relax, and you don’t need a heavy bag for that. This designer carry-on luggage is exactly what you need to take your vacation. It is a lightweight and stylish bag that will carry all your holiday essentials with no fuss.

It is a polypropylene carry-on that is lightweight. It is cheap and works well. The lightweight results from the use of Ultra-lightweight Dreamfel which is 30% and 20% lighter than polyester and nylon respectively. In combination with the lightweight frame, this carry-on is among the brightest carry-ons on the market. It also has a large carrying capacity.

It is durable and will take you on several trips because of its lasting construction design. The fabrication of this carry-on is abrasion resistant and very durable to withstand pressure from banging, dropping, and dragging in airports.

Overweight Indicator: You can pack with ease with this carry-on because it is expandable thanks to the pull-up zipper. The best part about packing is that you get to know when to stop thanks to the carry-on’s overweight indicator. It will alert you when you exceed 50 pounds. The flexible and adjustable tie-down straps secure your belongings and enhance the stability of the luggage. It has a removable pouch which you can use to separate small items.

Environmental friendliness: the manufacture of this bag is eco-friendly leads to reduced carbon footprint. It is safe, and it meets safety standards set by OEKO-TEX and the FDA. During its production, there is little waste generated. Pre-weaving and solution-dying save on water and energy.

Mobility: the mobility of this carry-on is exceptional and results from the 360-degree double spinner wheels. They glide smoothly and in any direction minimizing the effort needed to wheel it while maximizing stability.

Handling: for optimal handling, the carry-on has a padded side and top handles. You can also access your travel essentials fast thanks to the multiple exterior pockets (zippered). These pockets will hold your items as well as travel documents.

It is lightweight
It has an overweight indicator making it an excellent carry-on to use when going through airport security
The wheels move smoothly; they are stable and highly maneuverable
It has many pockets and a pouch to keep your travel essentials organized
It looks great
It is durable
It is affordable

The wheels may be a little bigger than you expect

4. TravelPro Maxlite 4 Expandable 25” Spinner Suitcase Review:

Does your job require you to travel to different locations locally and internationally every other month? If so, then it means that you are learning the ropes on how to pack light. It also means that you are getting used to airport security. However, if you are packing lightly but still feel like your luggage exceeds or comes close to the maximum weight limit, then, the problem could be your luggage, and you need a replacement.

A lightweight suitcase may feel like a high expense in the beginning but it, in the long run, you will save a lot more. This luggage is 100 percent polyester, and this material contributes to the lightweight. It is also sturdy, and you can trust this suitcase to keep you company in many other trips later. The lightweight and the durability of this suitcase also result from the honeycomb framing system integrated with the bottom tray.

Mobility: the wheels on this suitcase have a 360 degrees rotation angle which the luggage highly maneuverable. The wheels move effortlessly in a multidirectional manner, and they, therefore, glide smoothly on even and uneven surfaces. The wheels feature protective crash-guard housing which protects the wheels and also make them more stable.

Organization and packing: as mentioned above, what you pack determines if you pay more for your baggage or not. Since the case is light in weight, you will be able to carry extra stuff. Your essentials will remain in place thanks to the Duraflex anti-break buckles and adjustable hold-down straps. It has a full-size compartment which zippered. There also is a side mesh and an exterior pocket which you can use for your ticket. The interior of this case has a fabric lining which is water resistant. These features also make this the best checked luggage. It is expandable for extras and souvenirs.

Handling comfort: this softside checked luggage isn’t just lightweight but comfortable to travel with. It has a telescoping handle adjustable to either 38 or 42.5 inches. The handle is strong, and it will take some pressure. Besides the adjustable height, the handle has a patented Contour Grip which prevents your hand and shoulder from hurting.

It has an attractive design and beautiful colors
It is lightweight
It has enough storage space, and it is expandable
It is durable
The wheels glide smoothly

The spinner wheels are small, and the suitcase loses balance on cobblestones or uneven ground.
It isn’t scratch resistant
The zipper is flimsy

5. Tumi V3 Short Trip Packing Case Review:

This lightweight checked luggage is what you need to travel for business or pleasure. The clamshell design and the hard look makes this hardside luggage. However, despite the use of tough construction material, it is lighter than you think. It is a polycarbonate packing case that has a glossy finish.

The multi-layered Polycarbonate alloy shell makes this one of the strongest, resistant to impact but very light. These qualities make this the best luggage that will last a long time. As a checked luggage, the strength of polycarbonate makes this luggage capable of handling the stress that comes with being sat on, tossed around, hitting walls, and being hit by other suitcases.

For comfort when rolling this packing case, there is the 45” X-Brace telescoping handle system. The adjustable height of the handle thanks to the three-stage telescoping frame makes this luggage comfort for people of different heights. The frame is lightweight but sturdy thanks to the use of industry-grade aluminum in construction.

Wheels: it has recessed dual wheels which lower the packing case’s center of gravity enhancing its stability. These wheels rotate at a 360 degrees angle meaning that you can easily roll the luggage.

Packing: this packing case has three zippered pockets, a hanger bracket and tie-down straps which hold all your travel essentials and enhance the stability of the packing case. The main compartment has a zippered closure and an integrated TSA-approved lock.

In case you lose this checked luggage, you can be sure that you will retrieve it thanks to the TUMI Tracer.

It is lightweight
It is durable
It has high-quality zippers
The handle is comfortable
The tracer means that you will recover the luggage if you lose it

It will not fit the overhead space in the plane

The best lightweight luggage is durable whether hardside or softside. It is also comfortable, stylish and accommodates all your travel essentials making your business or fun trip worth the trouble. All these five lightweight luggage have these features, and you can order any one of them.

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