Best Hardside Luggage 2018 – Top Rated & Reviews

Have you started packing? This is a question posed by my friends all the time I mention traveling to a new exotic location. It is one of those questions that makes you think about the importance of the trip and somehow makes you anxious when you are not ready.

But, without the right luggage, one that will handle help in packing in all the essentials without taking up too much space, you may find yourself packing unnecessary items and forgetting the important ones. The reason why you need hardside luggage is that most aren’t expandable and you have to pack just what you need. Therefore, it saves you additional costs at the airport.

The hard shell of a hardside suitcase protects your goodies, and if you buy the best, it will accompany you in many other voyages. But, which is the best hardside luggage? The market is flooding with hardside luggage and finding the right luggage increasingly difficult.

Having overcome this challenge, after several wrong purchases, here is a review of my five best hard-sided luggage:

Best Hardside Luggage 2018:

Luggage NameDimensionsWeightSize 
1. Delsey Helium Aero Expandable Spinner29″ x 19.5″ x 12.5″12.5 lbsChecked “Large” Check Price
2. Samsonite Inova Spinner28″ x 20″ x 11″9.5 lbsChecked “Large” Check Price
3. Briggs & Riley Torq Spinner27″ x 18.5″ x 11.5″11.7 lbsChecked “Medium” Check Price
4. Tumi V3 Short Trip Packing Case26.0″ x 17.5″ x 10.0″8.2 lbsChecked “Medium” Check Price
5. American Tourister Star Wars Spinner21.0″ x 14.8″ x 9.5″6.1 lbsDomestic Carry On Check Price

1. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley 29″ Review:

Isn’t it disappointing to pack extra stuff in your luggage only for the airline to charge you more than you bargained? Unfortunately, this eventuality happens to almost everyone and it makes you rethink your packing.

One of the decisions you are likely going to make is to travel with one suitcase next time – a case that will carry all your stuff and not exceed the airline weight requirements. Such a suitcase is this Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley.

Though the brand has a hardside and softside options, our focus is the hardside which is available in Brushed Charcoal, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, and Titanium.

Besides the attractive colors, this hardside has other features which include:

Construction from polycarbonate a hardside luggage material that contributes to the durability, scratch-resistance, and lightweight of the luggage means that the luggage will accompany you on many trips.

It has double spinner wheels which allow you to push, pull or wheel the luggage as you move. These wheels rotate around a 360-degrees angle. These double spinner wheels offer a high maneuverability, they run silently, and they take the weight of the luggage off your back and shoulders.

Like you, I worry about the space of the luggage because I always carry souvenirs from most of my travel destinations and I dislike carrying extra bags. This luggage takes care of this problem because it has an expandable main compartment. The expansion is 2 inches.

The main compartment has a 50-50 split in the middle which means that you pack your stuff on either half of the compartment. The lined packing compartments, zippered dividers, and tie-down straps hold your belongings in place. Even the most disorderly person gets to appreciate this feature because it conveniently fits all your stuff.

The security of your belonging is at an all-time high even as the luggage goes through security checks thanks to the TSA-approved locking system. This lock allows TSA agents at the airport to open and also inspect your suitcase without much hassle.

Note that this Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley has softside luggage alternatives too.

It is lightweight
The spinner wheels are highly maneuverable and easy to push
The luggage is affordable
It is expandable
The straps and the zippered dividers keep everything organized
It has an attractive design, and it comes in different cool colors

The lightweight compromises the durability of the luggage
The handle and the wheels are flimsy

2. Samsonite Luggage Inova Spinner 28 Review:

A look at the hardside luggage market reveals that the Samsonite brand is one of the most trusted brands. Unlike other hardside brands which sell only because of the name, Samsonite sells because of the quality of the luggage they sell. The suitcases are durable and often worth the high price.

This is the kind of luggage every traveler needs because it carries all travel essentials and keeps them safe from breaking or getting wet. We all have a few unfortunate stories to tell about old hardside suitcases but, most users of this spinner tell a different story altogether. The main features of the suitcase include:

It has a high-quality and a durable construction that results from the exterior construction using 100% Makrolon polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a strong, lightweight and durable material and it transfers these qualities to the hardside spinner. The Makrolon construction of the clamshell makes this luggage highly resistant to damage from high impact and scratches. These features make it ideal for travel by road, air or water. It can take any force. Being waterproof, all the contents of the luggage will be safe.

The specially brushed finishing of this traveling case makes it look elegant but professional. It is, therefore an excellent choice for professionals who need elegant but highly functional travel solutions. Sounds like you, doesn’t it?

As a spinner luggage, it has four 360-degrees dual wheels which make for effortless gliding. The four spinner wheels take pressure off your shoulders and back. The wheels also make the luggage highly maneuverable, especially in tight spaces.

The clamshell luggage design features a 50-50 split of the main compartment, and you get to pack your belongings on both sides. The interior has dividers and cross straps that help organize and stabilize the contents as well as the case which should stand upright. The compartments also make it possible for you to pack the things you actually need. It isn’t expandable. This is a good thing because you pack essentials and avoid extra costs at the airport.

The handle has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use. This handle retracts quickly making this luggage ideal for air transportation. Once retracted, the luggage meets size restrictions put up by the airline.

These features make for the high performance of the luggage.

It is lightweight because the polycarbonate shell is thin
The design and finish are attractive
The spinner wheels work well and highly maneuverable in busy airports
The compartments have sturdy straps and zippers

It is expensive
It may get a few scratches because the polycarbonate used is thin

3. Briggs & Riley @ Torq Luggage Spinner 25” Review:

If you travel for a few days (about five days or a week) annually or even monthly, then you need to buy a hardside case that makes moving through airports easy. You need a hardside suitcase that will hold all your travel essentials and not surpass the airline weight limits. You also require luggage that will work efficiently on all your trips (multiple or not).

A hardside that lets all these happen is hard to come and if it’s there, finding it is challenging given the vast number of hardside luggage on the market. From my experiences, this is one of the best on the market.

This spinner is 100 percent polycarbonate (virgin Makrolon polycarbonate) which is lightweight but very sturdy. The use of polycarbonate in hardside luggage is the reason why most people are opting for hardside luggage. It is lightweight compared to aluminum.

Polycarbonate provides a high level of resilience since it can take an impact without ripping or cracking at the seams as softside luggage would. The Makrolon polycarbonate used in this luggage is three-layered.

For the safety of your belongings, the spinner has a spacious compartment split in an 80:20 ratio such that you pack on both sides as you would a traditional suitcase. Straps hold the contents of the luggage in place and help to keep things organized. The interior has a fabric lining which looks good and helps in keeping your belongings safe. The zippered closure keeps everything in the luggage.

The handle has a comfortable grip and thanks to the fact that the handle is on the outside, the packing space is sufficient. This design for the handle makes for the flat, wrinkle-free packing.

It has a Smartlink system of straps which makes it possible for you to transport more than a single bag. If you are always traveling with more than one bag, this is your best feature from the luggage.

The double spinners are a work of art – they are recessed lowering the luggage’s center of gravity for superior stability. The spinners’ 360-degree rotation makes navigation in busy areas simpler. The wheels glide with ease and take off pressure from your shoulders because you don’t have to pull or roll it. The wheelers have stainless steel parts for durability.

The security and safety of your belongings remain high thanks to the Briggs Riley control panel. There also is a TSA-approved combination lock.

It is lightweight
The shell has a sturdy construction, and it is durable
The spinner wheels roll smoothly, are highly maneuverable, and replaceable
It comes with a lifetime warranty
The luggage is attractive
It has a lined interior with sufficient packing space
The outside handle is comfortable and frees up interior packing space

It lacks an expandable feature
It is expensive

4. Tumi V3 Short Trip Packing Case Review:

When you don’t take the time to research the weight limits set by airlines, you will end up paying more for unnecessary baggage. Like you, I struggle with packing, yes, it gets easier with time. One thing that has made my packing so much easier is the use of hardside luggage.

A hardside is a strict travel mate and will not let you pack in more than you need especially when it isn’t expandable. The Tumi V3 Short Packing Case is one such case. It’s ideal for packing when going for short trips.

Its construction is out of polycarbonate like most other hardside packing cases. Polycarbonate is durable, resilient, scratch-resistant and lightweight unlike aluminum, the material used in most traditional hardside luggage. In this packing case, polycarbonate is in several layers making it very durable, resistant to impact, and lightweight.

How many times have you lost your luggage on transit? How many times was there recovery of the luggage? This Tumi Packing case will mark the end of these misfortunes. It has Tumi Tracer, an exclusively complimentary feature that facilitates fast recovery of the case if you lose it.

This packing case has a comfortable handle with a telescoping system. The x-Brace 45” telescoping system made from aluminum (aircraft-grade) is lightweight, and therefore, you can travel easily with this case regardless of your height.

This packing case is, therefore, the best travel solution for professional/ business trips or weekend trips.

It is lightweight
It has a sturdy construction design thanks to the use of multi-layered polycarbonate
It is perfect for short trips
The wheels roll smoothly
It has sturdy zippers

It cannot fit overhead
It is pricey

5. American Tourister Star Wars 21 Inch Hard Side Spinner Review:

Who isn’t a Star Wars fan? Okay, if you aren’t a big fan, you like Darth Vader, don’t you? Well, here is a chance for you to travel in style with this Star Wars themed American Tourister hardside luggage. The looks and the fame of the movie aren’t the main reasons why you need this spinner – it is one of cheapest hardside spinners on the market, and it works great!

It is 100 percent ABS (acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene) plastic, a thermoplastic which is lighter than polycarbonate. It is a cheap hard plastic, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last as long polycarbonate does.

It has a split construction for packing your essentials which will remain safe and wrinkle-free thanks to the lining on the luggage’s interior. It also has a large mesh pocket on its interior to help in organizing your contents. There are cross straps which prevent spills and help in keeping your belongings in place throughout because the case is mostly in an upright position.

It rolls easily on smooth and even uneven sidewalks or cobblestones thanks to the two single spinner wheels. To use the handle, you will have to push the Star Wars branded push button. It has a zipper, and the zipper pull is also Star Wars branded.

The suitcase is slightly expandable
It is stylish, and it has advanced graphical representation
The spinner wheels roll effortlessly, and they are highly maneuverable
It is lightweight
It fits overhead aircraft bins
It is affordable
It attracts attention
It has a sturdy construction

The handle is flimsy
It draws too much attention
ABS isn’t very durable

From this review, you can tell that the best hardside luggage is highly functional, durable has stable and maneuverable wheels, lasts long, has enough space, and worth the money. You should always remember that you get what you paid for.

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