How many of us have lost valuables on international trips many times that the thought of carrying luggage leaves you with knots in your stomach? I know, and just like you, the main reason for the loss was because I took checked luggage. I am not saying that you should never have checked luggage but wouldn’t it be better to travel internationally with carry-on luggage instead?

Besides lowering the risk of loss, carry-on luggage saves you time otherwise spent waiting for luggage once you land. You cannot afford to lose any time especially if you will be taking a connecting flight midway, right? Well, to make all this possible, you don’t need any carry-on luggage but the best carry-on luggage for international travel.

Here are four of the best:

Best Carry On Luggage for International Travel:

Luggage NameDimensionsWeightType 
[azrev_link_text asin="B008M6ZCPW" store="intl-carry-lug-20"]1. Briggs & Riley Baseline Wide-Body Upright[/azrev_link_text]21″ x 15″ x 9″9.3 lbsSoftside[azrev_link_button asin="B008M6ZCPW" store="intl-carry-lug-20" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_text asin="B00BXDPEOU" store="intl-carry-lug-20"]2. Delsey Helium Aero Exp. Spinner[/azrev_link_text]19.0″ x 13.0″ x 9.5″8.2 lbsHardside[azrev_link_button asin="B00BXDPEOU" store="intl-carry-lug-20" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_text asin="B00HXD60CY" store="intl-carry-lug-20"]3. Travelpro Maxlite 3 Spinner[/azrev_link_text]20″ x 14″ x 9.5″6.4 lbsSoftside[azrev_link_button asin="B00HXD60CY" store="intl-carry-lug-20" text="Check Price"]
[azrev_link_text asin="B071NZ2LFT" store="intl-carry-lug-20"]4. Tumi V3 Spinner[/azrev_link_text]22″ x 14″ x 9″6.4 lbsHardside[azrev_link_button asin="B071NZ2LFT" store="intl-carry-lug-20" text="Check Price"]

1. Briggs & Riley Baseline International Wide-Body Upright Carry-On Review:

Briggs & Riley is one of the leading brands for high-quality and reliable hardside and softside luggage on the market. Unlike some companies, there has been no dilution of their product quality despite their good public image. This carry-on luggage is one of the best, and it exhibits the following qualities:

Construction material: the carry-on is 100 percent ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon is a high denier fabric which is tougher and contributes to the durability of the products they are made of. With this construction, you can expect the best value for your money once you purchase this carry-on. Though it will not be subjected to extreme pressure on the plane, seeing as it fits overhead, this construction will make it possible for it to accompany you to many other destinations across the world. Ballistic nylon is moisture, dirt and abrasion resistant.

Size: the size (15 x 9 x 21 inches) is right for a carry-on suitcase, and it meets the standards set by international airlines. It is spacious and will accommodate all your travel essentials. As the name suggests, it is expandable. This expandability results from the Briggs & Riley’s CX technology that allows for 34% expansion of the luggage. The best part is that the expandability doesn’t compromise size because the suitcase will compress right back to its original size.

To facilitate fast security checks, the luggage features a SpeedThru Pocket which allows for quick storage of your essentials after the security check.

Lightweight: with all that this carry-on luggage can do, you will be happy to know that it is lightweight. As a result, you can pack enough items without worrying about exceeding the maximum weight limit before you pack in the essentials. The lightweight is a product of the construction using a hybrid fiberglass frame. The frame contributes to the durability of the luggage.

For better organization, it has an inbuilt suiter that will prevent your suits from creasing. It holds one or two suits. The interior space is large, and the presence of compression panels helps in keeping your belongings in place.

Comfort: it has highly maneuverable roller wheels and a telescoping handle for comfort through airports and hotel lobbies.

High-quality construction design with ballistic nylon for durability
It moves smoothly
It is lightweight
It is versatile
It is acceptable as a carry-on by most international airlines
It has an attractive modern design
It is durable

The handle feels flimsy after few trips
It is expensive

2. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley Review:

You cannot go wrong with a Delsey Carry-on luggage thanks to its highly functional construction design and aesthetics. Carry-ons are perfect for carrying valuables. As a hardside carry-on luggage, it is durable thanks to the 100% polycarbonate construction. The use of polycarbonate doesn’t just add to its strength but also makes the case light. This carry-on luggage has a modern design, and it features an attractive and easy to clean deep metallic glossy finish.

Interior spaces and safety of valuable: the interior has a fabric lining, and it is large enough to accommodate your travel essentials. The lined interior has two compartments each with elastic web straps to hold your essentials. The straps have speed buckles to help secure your clothes and other essentials. The other reason why this luggage qualifies to be one of the best carry-on luggage for international is the fact that it features a large east access compartment on the front that has an integrated padding on the sleeve. The padding is about 15.6 inches and perfect for holding a laptop. If you have other electronics and valuables, then the two zippered mesh pockets will hold them safely and securely.

For maneuvering through crowds with ease, this luggage has double spinner wheels. The wheels also account for the stability of the carry-on. As a result of the smooth gliding wheels, you won’t have to put any unnecessary weight on your shoulders. The handle is ergonomically designed and comfortable.

Airports are nightmarish, and when you think of airport security, you imagine everything you can do to simplify the checking process. One of the solutions to this would be the use of TSA-approved locks. This carry-on has an integrated 3-dial TSA-acceptable lock, and it’s, therefore, an excellent choice for international travel. The zippers, on the other hand, are sturdy and have a self-repairing feature to prevent any embarrassing and annoying eventualities.

The wheels are durable and maneuverable
The carry-on is lightweight and durable
It is affordable
It has a padded compartment for a laptop or any other delicate electronic
It is spacious
It has an attractive design

You have to place the suitcase on its front rather than the back when opening it

3. Travelpro Maxlite3 International Carry-On Spinner Review:

The beauty of international travel is that you can carry all your valuables with you without having to worry about them breaking or the luggage switched at the baggage section. This is possible thanks to carry-on luggage. This kind of luggage has a design that meets airline carry-on standards in weight and size (height). Therefore, you can look forward to your journey abroad.

This Travelpro Maxlite3 International Carry-On Spinner is one of the best on the market. It has a high-quality construction comprising of 100% polyester. Polyester is lightweight, sturdy and cheap. Since the carry-on faces less roughness overhead, it will rip at the seams easily. The size is also perfect for a carry-on. Apart from the polyester construction, it also features an EVA foam construction and a honeycomb frame system both of which contribute to the durability and lightweight of the carry-on.

For durability, scratches and other potential causes of wear and tear need prevention. This carry-on offers this protection dutifully thanks to the protective skid guards, the crash guards, and corner guards.

Mobility: it has four 360-degree spinner wheels which glide smoothly and are highly maneuverable. The wheels are multi-directional. To enhance mobility and to ease pressure on your shoulders, this Travelpro Maxlite International Carry-on has an industry-grade aluminum telescoping frame that locks in two positions. This makes this suitcase comfortable for use by individuals of different heights.

In addition to telescoping, the handle has a new (patent-pending) Contour Grip rubberized at touch points for use specifically with spinner luggage.

Storage space: your travel essentials will fit in the spacious main compartment which has a polyester lining. There are full-length interior lid pocket and a smaller side accessory pocket for better organization. For space maximization and for securing the contents of the carry-on, the suitcase features hold-down straps which are adjustable.

It is lightweight and durable
It has an attractive design
It is TSA-approved and TSA-acceptable locks
It glides smoothly
The handle is comfortable, and with the spinner wheels, they put no pressure on your shoulder

It is small

4. Tumi V3 International Carry-on Review:

If you have had any misfortunes and keep losing luggage in carry-ons, then it is time for you to get a carry-on that won’t just fit the plane’s overhead and hold all your essentials but one that will be easy to recover if you misplace or lose it.

This Tumi V3 International Carry-on is what you need because it has an exclusively complimentary TUMI Tracer. Having used Tumi checked luggage with the tracer before, I can vouch for this carry-on.

But, besides quick recovery when lost or stolen, this luggage boasts a sturdy design, and it will take you to many international trips. Its durability results from the polycarbonate construction. Polycarbonate is the main component in hardside luggage because of its lightweight and durability. In this carry-on, the polycarbonate shell has several layers which make it the most durable hardside carry-on luggage. The strength of polycarbonate also makes this luggage scratch resistant.

For comfort when gliding the suitcase, it has four multi-directional spinner wheels. The wheels account for the carry-on’s superior maneuverability. The wheels are recessed making this case stable because of the lowered center of gravity.

To ease stress and unnecessary weight off your shoulders, the suitcase has a retractable 3-stage telescoping handle.

The other reason why this carry-on is suitable for international travel is the presence of an integrated TSA lock. Therefore, security checks won’t be as stressful.

It has enough storage space in the zippered main compartment as well as the three zippered pockets and the tie-down straps which help in organizing your belongings.

The carry-on is lightweight
The wheels are stable, move smoothly, and they are highly maneuverable
It has comfortable handles which put zero pressure on your shoulders
It is sturdy and durable

It is expensive

International travel is exciting, but it results in equal anxiety. From the anxiety, you can run all the possible bad scenarios you can face. There is a lot you can do to lower the tension, but one thing helps a great deal – the safety of your valuables. To enhance the safety and the security of your valuables you have to get the best TSA- approved carry-on luggage. The four carry-on suitcases discussed above are the best on the market, and you can get anyone as you plan for that work, study, or adventure trip abroad.

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